Houston is the first dance-pop extended play by Snow Dogs. It's the first overall dance-pop album by Snow Dogs, released in June 23, 2020 on Moonlight Records.


  • Their first hit, "If You Need Me (ft. Ariana Grande)", from the album peaked at number 3 for 2 days and then went down to fifth place and then finally went up to 2nd place on the UK pop chart.
  • "Houston" is the first album by Snow Dogs to have an extended version.
  • Treble, Kineta, & Fluke are the only members of Snow Dogs to play their own music and the singers do the rest.
  • Their first UK dance chart #1 hit was actually "Houston".
  • The album reached #1 in Australia & Canada and was certified Platinum. It also reached #2 in the U.K. and was certified Double Silver. At last but not least, it reached #6 in the U.S. but was certified Triple Bronze.
  • The album was the first album by Snow Dogs to have been certified Double Silver in the U.K.


Snow Dogs

  • Treble: main guitar & vocals
  • Fluke: vocals, bass
  • Kineta: vocals, supporting guitar, piano, & main bass

Additional musicians

  • Anton Zaslavski (A.K.A. Zedd) - Dance music
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