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The House of Nick is a American mixed media television series created by Vincent Waller, who also worked on Spongebob Squarepants, The show is inspired by ''House of Mouse'' which includes Disney properties, This one includes many Nickelodeon properties and is set in the fictional Nickland where they are running a dinner theater club for new shorts of cartoons while catering to many Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, TeenNick, Nicktoons, Nick@Nite, and Noggin properties along the way, This is the only show to use the updated Noggin from June 2019 but not the classic one


The basic premise follows on Lincoln Loud and Clyde McBride from the Loud House along with many other Nickelodeon properties operating a dinner theater club downtown in the fictional city of Nickland

Considered a popular venue by the residents, the club is frequented by a host of character from many of Nickelodeon's properties with a few voiced in episodes depending on the scripts provided to voice actors, although a number sometimes operate as performers for the club. The animated series is more notable for including many relatively obscure and otherwise used Nickelodeon characters, often with full speaking parts for the very first time - for example, Winston (The Loud House) and Incidental 15 (from Spongebob, as he's speaking the same voice from the Spongebob episode, Wigstruck), and many more who had appeared very often in Nickelodeon properties but finally appeared in House of Nick for the first time every episode

Every episode focuses on a story set in The House of Nick which Lincoln, Clyde, and other Nickelodeon properties face and their overcomes to it as they are faced with Sheldon J. Plankton who wants the secret formula to the House of Nick's Krabby Patties and also to shut down the club from Mr. Krabs getting into his way, tended to use the way of wraparounds of new cartoon shorts that played in between scenes, the theme of the story contributing towards the story-lines of the cartoon shorts shown in the episode.


  • Lincoln Loud (voiced by Asher Bishop): A 12-year-old middle child of the Loud family, He runs the House of Nick with his best friend, Clyde McBride along with a host of other Nickelodeon properties, He also is the manager and he and Clyde introduce the shorts
  • Clyde McBride (voiced by Andre Robinson): A 12-year-old child and Lincoln's best friend, He is the show planner and safety guard, He makes sure that his parents are safe in the House of Nick
  • Spongebob Squarepants (voiced by Tom Kenny): A yellow sea sponge from Bikini Bottom and moved his fry cook job to The House of Nick, He serves as the fry cook and chef at the kitchen of the club
  • Luan Loud (voiced by Cristina Pucelli): One of Lincoln's sisters and entertainer of the club who interrupts the shows which angers Nickelodeon property guests with some jokes and puns
  • Nat Peterson (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker): A yellow Bikini Bottomite fish and one of the club members of House of Nick, he drives the bus for the club
  • Gary and the Snails (vocal effects by Tom Kenny): Spongebob's pet snail, Gary and a few other sea snails operate as the club's house band, They operated various names and genres of their music which they parody
  • Charles (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker): The Loud family's pet dog who is the mascot and servant to the club's staff
  • Mega (voiced by Fred Newman): A talking megaphone and the club's announcer, He is involved in the beginning and end of every episode, He introduces the shorts with Lincoln and Clyde
  • Other characters: Various original characters who have other jobs: waiters, chefs, janitors, and many more, They also help the club members

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