House of Don Bluth is a 1999 Direct to Video Film.



  • Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio
  • Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse from Dumbo
  • Bambi, Thumper, Faline and Miss Bunny from Bambi
  • Alice in Wonderland: Alice, Dinah, Mad Hatter and March Hare
  • Robespierre from Gay Purr-ee
  • Yakky Doodle and Lady Doodle from Yakky Doodle
  • Mowgli from The Jungle Book
  • Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz from Marie
  • Tanis and Ness from Tanis
  • Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl and Gopher from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Tilly, Tom, Tiny, Furryboo, Donkey, from Tots TV
  • Banjo, Emily, Jean, and the Dogs from Banjo the Woodpile Cat
  • Rosie, Jim, from Rosie & Jim
  • Kira and Sonny Malone from Xanadu
  • Petra, Beanie, Timmy, Isabella, Robert and Blizzard from Petra
  • Clover, Gary, and Clover’s Mom from Ducks and Swans
  • Mrs. Brisby, Jeremy, Justin, Jenner, Auntie Shrew, Nicodemus, Mr. Ages, Cynthia Brisby, Teresa Brisby and Timothy Brisby from The Secret of NIMH
  • from East of the Sun and West of the Moon
  • Dirk the Daring, Princess Daphne and Singe from Dragon's Lair
  • The Veleveteen Rabbit from The Velveteen Rabbit
  • Star Baby, from Star Baby
  • Derin, Vera, Anna, Reggie, from Satyrday
  • Ace/Dexter, Kimberly and Borf from Space Ace
  • Klu, Jimmy, Brono, Sammy, Danny, Tillie, Benny, Tommy, Captain Doc, Bobby, Jacky and Captain James from The Little Blue Whale
  • Beauty, The Beast, Nan, Max, Otto, The King Bats, The Wee Beasties and Queen Livia from Beauty and the Beast (1984 film)
  • Tara, from Tara
  • Rosa, Bluebell, Beatrix, Flood, Honker, , , , from The Little White Seal
  • Delf and Bumbette from Delf
  • Brum, from Brum
  • Enchanta from She-Ra: Princess of Power
  • Fievel Mousekewitz, Tanya Mousekewitz, Papa Mousekewitz, Mama Mousekewitz, Tiger, Tony Toponi, Bridget, Henri, Warren T. Rat, Honest John and Digit from An American Tail
  • Margalo, Mercury, and Marco from Margalo
  • Diago, Yira, Stinky, Claudia, and Rita from Cats and Kittens
  • The BFG, The Bloodbottler, The Fleshlumpeater, Head of Air Force, Head of Army, Mrs. Clonkers, Sergeant, Humplecrimp, The Manhugger, The Meatdripper, The Childchewer, The Butcherboy, The Maidmasher, The Bonecruncher and The Gizzardgulper from The BFG
  • Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po, The Noo-Noo, The Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair, The Scary Lion, Evila, from Teletubbies (Po the Rosy Red Teletubby/Dipsy the Giant Green Teletubby)
  • Oliver, Bobby, Bow, Toby, 19-GB, Hannah, Bertha, Luke and Jeremy from Oliver
  • Heihachi Mishima from Oliver the Giant Kitten
  • Giga Bowser from Oliver & Blackie
  • Sam and Peter from Oliver & Rosie
  • Tito, Francis, Einstein, Jenny Foxworth and Fagin from Oliver & Company
  • Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Sharptooth, Grandpa Longneck, Cera's Father, Clifford and The Grey-Nose from The Land Before Time
  • Charlie B. Barkin, Itchy Itchford, King Gator, Carface Carruthers, Killer, Carface's Thugs, Annabelle, Stella Dallas, Sir Reginald, The Grand Chawhee, Anne-Marie, Flo, Flo's Puppies, Kate, Harold and Hellhound from All Dogs Go to Heaven
  • Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid
  • Kandu, Bruno the Polar Bear, Cream, from Kandu: Song of the Ice Whale
  • Edmond, Chanticleer, Pinky, Goldie, Patou, Grand Duke of Owls, Snipes, Peepers, Hunch, Stuey, Minnie Rabbit and Grand Duke's Owls from Rock-a-Doodle
  • Sparrow, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Queen of Edinburgh, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Diana, Princess of Wales, Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Queen Victoria, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge, Fire Station Officer Foggy, The Five-Headed Monsters, Goldstein, Beatrix Potter, Patrick, Kirk and Griz from Oliver Gets Lost
  • Lumiere and Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast
  • Princess Dot and P.T. Flea from A Bug's Life
  • Hubie, Lisa, and Smokeweed from Hubie
  • Marina and Snowpaws from Marina
  • Aladdin and Genie from Aladdin
  • Thumbelina, Jacquimo, Prince Cornelius, Hero, Buzzbee, King Colbert, Queen Tabitha, Grundel Toad, Mrs. Toad, Berkeley Beetle, Ms. Fieldmouse, Mr. Mole, Gringo Toad, Mozo Toad and the Jitterbugs from Thumbelina
  • Stanley, Gus, Rosie, and Gnorga from A Troll in Central Park
  • Gwynne, Priscilla, Pola, from A Very Hubie and Marina Christmas
  • Rocko and Drake from The Pebble and the Penguin
  • Santa Troll and Stanette from A Christmas Troll in Central Park
  • Anastasia Romanov, Dimitri, Vladimir, Bartok, Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna, Czar Nicholas II, Major Domo, Servant, Revolutionary Soldier, Ticket Agent and Female Bat from Anastasia
  • Zozi, Piloff and Prince Ivan from Bartok the Magnificent

Voice Cast


  1. We Live in Bluthland - Everyone
  2. The Fantastic Sam and Peter - Littlefoot, Sam, and Peter
  3. Petra's Song - Petra
  4. When We Make Music - Oliver, Robespierre, and Petra
  5. Beware Villains - Mrs. Brisby
  6. That Song from An American Tail - Fievel Mousekewitz and Tiger
  7. Flee on Me - Petra


  • A lot of the voices were replaced. Phillip Glasser and Gabriel Damon were replaced by Thomas Dekker, Kendall Cunningham was replaced by Sofia Garcia, though He did reprise his role for Timmy, Judith Barsi was replaced by Aria Noelle Curzon
  • A lot of cartoon sound effects were used throughout the film. There were Hanna-Barbera sound effects, Disney cartoon sound effects, Warner Bros. cartoon sound effects and more
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