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Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is a 2021 upcoming 3D Theatrical-release CGI Computer-animated Science-fiction comedy film sequel to Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018) and fourth & final installment of the Hotel Transylvania series.

It will be release on October 1, 2021 in RealD 3D in Theatres and IMAX.

Featuring a New hit single by Katy Perry featuring Marshmello and a New Single Awesomeness! by Owl City.

Opening Scene

in 1967, James Bond confront Brian the Human at Brian's Party, But Bond left in anger swearing a Revenge for Brian's Last Stand, by 1971, Brian employed Both Female, a Mad Scientist (disguised by Dr. Zarokine the Alien) and a Nurse (Disguised by James Bond) who Nuclear-Nuke Brian with Bond's Bomb, James Bond wins his Victory, But all of his Organs survived and Rescued by same Female Mad Scientist who revealed to be a Alien called Dr Zarokine who placed his Organs into a WALL·E-Type Robot Body to Rule the Capital Galaxy




In celebration of the hotel’s anniversary, drac plans on giving the hotel to mavis and johnny. That is until he get’s cold feet about what johnny will do to the place. His solution is to turn johnny into a monster with the help of van helsing. In the process, things go terribly wrong and it also turns drac and friends into humans! Throughout the film they try to find a special crystal that will turn them back into themselves. after they find the crystal and everything is back to normal, drac gives the hotel to them knowing it is in good hands Just then an Big Global Alien Invasion Arrives forcing the Monsters of Hotel Transylvania goes to Outer Space to Rescues all the Humans and Animals from the Malevolent Greedy Aliens live in their Capital Galaxy (The Capital of the Entire Galaxies) kinged by Darth Vader-Esque WALL-E-like Robot with controlled by New Main Antagonist was a Human brain named Brian (will be voiced by Ian McKellen) with all of the other Organs from one exploded Earth Human King of Criminals with a same name "Brian".

Ending Scene

After Brian gets Defeated who Turned back into a Human promised a Revenge while he was arrested by the Police, While Earth's Humans and Animals snapped out of Hypnosis and settled on Earth, then Dracula gets to opens a Breakfast Buffet in the Center of a Lobby at Hotel Transylvania, Johnny and Dennis have both invented a Burp Drink to make everyone burp, and they Burped in Celebration to the Honour for Rescued the Population of the Earth.










Reception and Release

  • The film will be released on October 1, 2021 in RealD 3D will be preceded by Rocket Boy Squared, a First Episode of CBBC's Rocket Boy & Toro (2008).

Rocket Boy & Toro - Episode 1 - Rocket Boy Squared

that Episode will be Shown before Hotel Transylvania 4





Trailer Music

  • Final Trailer
    • "ENTRADA" by Brand X Music
    • "SURVIVOR" by Brand X Music


It was Co-composed by Marshmello and Mark Mothersbaugh

  • Awesomeness! - Owl City
  • Born to be Yours - Kygo & Imagine Dragons
  • Castle On The Hill - Ed Sheeran
  • Without You - David Guetta Featuring Usher
  • Brand New - Ben Rector
  • Dangerous Night - Thirty Seconds To Mars
  • Heaven - Avicii
  • Empty Threat - CHVRCHES
  • Sweet as Pyscho - Ava Max
  • Doctor Jones - Aqua
  • Take on Me - A-ha
  • Keep me Crazy - Sheppard
  • "The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly, The Funny, The Outer Space and the Beyond" (End Credits Song) - Katy Perry (Vocal Only) featuring Marshmello (Music only)
    • TBA


  • Directed by Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon
  • Produced by Alice Dewey Goldstone
  • Written by Genndy Tartakovsky
  • Based on Characters by Todd Durham
  • Butch Hartman - Art Director and Character designer (Just for all Aliens)
  • Carey Yost - Character Designer (Just for all Humans)

Special Effects

  • Sony Pictures Imageworks


More Arts, More Concepts, More Designs and More Everything, Coming Soon, But Stay Tuned?...


  • HOTEL_TRANSYLVANIA_4_TRANSFORMANIA_Trailer_Teaser_(2021)_Animated_Movie_HD

    HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 4 TRANSFORMANIA Trailer Teaser (2021) Animated Movie HD

    Trailer Teaser

  • Hotel_Transylvania-_Transformania_Official_Trailer

    Hotel Transylvania- Transformania Official Trailer

    Official Trailer

Sound Effects

  • When Brian get Charged his Robotic Powers
  • When Johnny and the Monsters tries to wake up Jonathan's Father at the Human Warehouse in the Brian's Palace of the Capital Galaxy, the Klaxon Alarm sets off
  • Brian's Scream/Shriek SFX (Reuse from Grimmel the Grisly from "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World")
    • Brian's Scream SFX



TV Specials


  • Brian's Robot Body is a parody of WALL-E, from the movie of the same name.
  • Dracula gains a Now to Resize Himself (First Hotel Transyvlvania movie where Dracula resize himself)
  • in the Opening, James Bond have 2 Cameo scenes, one is Bond confronts human Brian at the Party of Criminals then Bond lefts swearing a Revenge, Later the Bond's Cameo Scene was James Bond as disguised as a Nurse and Tricks Brian to to make Brian Explode with Bond's Nuclear Weapon, Bond done his Victory.
  • an Another Setting instead of a Hotel (first was the Legacy ship), The Monsters uses their newly-built Monster Intergalactic Armada (M.I.A.), which was build out of FunFair Rides and Games to travel through Space to Rescue all the Humans and Animals from the Aliens.
  • the Aliens were designed off like Pokemons, Digimons, Experiments (from Lilo and Stitch), Animals, Goblins and Many More
  • The Kidnapped Human Populations (who are Hypnotized and wears in Alien Spacesuits) were Designed off Same to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (1 and 2) and Hotel Transylvania movies.
  • Sgt Blob (The Dreamstone) made his Cameo appearance in the Crowd at the Stadium.