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Hot Wheels is a American/Canada 3D CGI cartoon animated science fiction comedy-drama television series, created by Mattel Inc, DHX Media, Nelvana, and Man Of Action Studios, and the creators of the show are the creators of Voltron Legendary Defenders, and Iron Man: Armored Adventures. The show is based on the Hot Wheels toy line by the American toy maker Mattel which was introduced in 1968, the show was airing on Cartoon Network & Teletoon in Februrary 15, 2019.


the show is about three teenagers living in a town called Loop City, a place were you get to race and participate in the Hot Wheels World Tournament, and everything is cool and fresh, the three teenagers have their own vehicles, so they know how to drive. But a robot army from a different world, is here to destroy loop city, the leader of the robot army is Darktech, the leader of the robot army, and some other creatures & drivers from other worlds is here to destroy loop town and the world, but some guy named Commander Nick told the three teenagers to join a headquarters called Engine Corp, a headquarters were you get to use special vehicles to ride in, the name of these teenagers are, Dash McKenny the red driver, he is the leader of the team, Cody Weathers the blue driver, he is smart and gots the brains, and Mia Brooklyn the yellow driver, she is the strongest girl ever and don't underestimate her, so it's up to the three teenagers to stop this madness.


  1. Benjamin Diskin As Dash McKenny The Red Driver
  2. Vincent Tong As Cody Weathers The Blue Driver
  3. Tara Strong As Mia Brooklyn The Yellow Driver
  4. Drew Nelson As Joesph Adler The Green Driver
  5. Christian Potenza As Mike Washington The Black Driver
  6. Yuri Lowenthal As Patrick Nelson The Golden Driver
  7. Megan Fahlenbock As Wendy Scottman The Silver Driver
  8. Ashleigh Ball As Amy Burger The Pink Driver
  9. Tom Kenny As Donnie West The Purple Driver
  10. Seth Green As Jordan Richardson The Orange Driver
  11. Greg Cipes As Michael Wilson The Brown Driver
  12. Catherine Taber As Isabella Moon The Cyan Driver
  13. Sean Astin As Dan Griffin The White Driver
  14. James Remar As Darktech
  15. Roger Craig Smith As Commander Nick
  16. TBA


  1. Start Your Engines Part 1
  2. Start Your Engines Part 2
  3. Start Your Engines Part 3
  4. The Big Race
  5. Beat That!
  6. Fade In The World
  7. Rain
  8. Quick Sand Track
  9. TBA


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