Hostal Morrison (roughly Morrison Hostel) is a Chilean animated series created by prominent Chilean illustrator Bernardita Ojeda. It is about a half-monster-and-half-human girl named Celeste Morrison who, along with her parents' servants, manages a hostel for humans, while outsmarting a evil boy named Boris Acevedo who plans to get rid of the Morrisons.

Turner Entertainment now owns the international broadcasting rights for Hostal Morrison and made an English dub of the series, airing on Cartoon Network (whose Latin American version had the series aired on it before), Boomerang and WB Kids as Morrison Hostel in the English dub. It will also be dubbed by Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

Names in the English dub

English Spanish
Celeste Morrison Celeste Morrison
Timothy Morrison Tirso Morrison
Abraham Morrison Abelardo Morrison
Farrah Morrison Fátima Morrison
Sophie Morrison Socorro Morrison
Thing Cosa
Boris Acavedo Boris Acevedo
Piggy Doggy Chanchi Perri
Dog-Chan Perrichan



  • Carolina Villanueva - Celeste Morrison
  • Ricardo Soto - Tirso Morrison
  • (reserved for Bricky Blocks) - Abelardo Morrison
  • Marcela Golzio - Fatima Morrison
  • (reserved for Bricky Blocks) - Socorro Morrison
  • Cristian Lizama - Boris Acevedo
  • Bernardita Ojeda - Cosa, Perrichan
  • Rodrigo Saavedra - Chanchi Perri



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Diferrences between the dubs

  • Another cartoon named Chanchi Perri (roughly Piggy Doggy; also created by Ojeda), about a supervillain pig who spends his time plotting to destroy the City of Goodness, poublated by good-natured pigs. In the end, his plans are always foiled by his own bad luck, is added to the series as a backup segment, airing as the second of three segments (between two Hostal Morrison segments) in an episode.
  • The title cards are traslated into English in order to appeal with the dub.
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