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Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool is a DLC Guest Character for Horror Kombat.




Deadpool's Frightalities are called the Mercalities.

List of Them

  • Merc's Thriller: Deadpool first uses his katanas to slice the opponents' arms and then afterwards, he kills the opponent by the Bazooka and afterwards, he does the thriller dance as he wins.
  • Nightmare of the Merc: He terrorfies the opponent first by summoning his zombified self, then, uses various heavy and assault weapons to kill the opponent and afterwards, he does a zombie dance.
  • Ripper Buster: Functions akin to Kinnikuman's Kinniku Buster, except with him ripping the opponent's body to half. The crowd loudly cheers for knocking him/her down to 0%.


Intro and Outro Quotes

  • "Get the hell over here, mother***ker!!!!!"
  • "I can kill you to terror."
  • "Don't call me a d***hebag for a nightmare of nothing!!!!!!"

Against Opponents




  • His first frightality, Merc's Thriller has numerous zombified cameos from other adult-oriented Comedies in addition to a modified zombified lookalike of WWE's Brock Lesnar appearing at the end of it while doing the thriller dance with him and these are:
    • Frank, Brenda, Druggie, Barry, Carl and others from Sausage Party, all of them as zombified food.
    • The Grifrin family and the residents of Quahog from Family Guy as zombies.
    • Rick and Morty's clones as zombies
    • Meatwad, Master Shake and Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force as zombified fast food.
    • Eric, Kenny, Chef and others from South Park as zombified people.


  • Ryan Reynolds reprises his role from the Live-Action films.
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