A little green frog, his adopted fox uncle and his bear sidekick have took a wild adventures in Foggy Bog, Wisconsin and they have to find away to keep keep away from those two bad guys.


There was a lot of years since 1967, everyone favorite frog, Hoppity Hooper, along with his adopted uncle, Professor Waldo P. Wigglesworth and his sidekick, Fillmore the Bear and they were decided to take a talent show and everyone in Foggy Bog, Wisconsin came to watch their act as they want it to see the show, Susan Swivelhips came and she loves Waldo’s act as he just wanted pretend as a superhero. When she came to him, Hoppity and Fillmore, she scared them as she said hello and then the trio have


  • Hoppity Hooper
  • Uncle Waldo P. Wigglesworth
  • Fillmore the Bear


Hoppity Hooper (film)/Credits

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