Honeyhug's Rolling Ball is a spin off series of Battleblock Theater for Xbox 360.

Rated T: Violence and Crude Humor


Very similar to Katamari Damacy.


  1. Honeyhug's Rolling Ball
  2. We Love Honeyhug
  3. Me and My Honeyhug
  4. Honeyhug Forever


Honeyhug's Rolling Ball

Honeyhug stupidly destroys all the stars in the galaxy and sends Star, one of the 64 Star Heads from Battleblock Theater to recreate the stars.

More to come..


First Star Heads

These heads first appeared in Honeyhug's Rolling Ball

  • Star the Star
  • Alien Hominid the Alien
  • Castle Crasher the Knight
  • Toast the Toastman
  • Winston the French Bulldog
  • Rose the Rose
  • Furbottom the Founder
  • Wheels the Car
  • Cat Control the UFO Cat
  • Lava Lamp the Lava Lamp
  • Gerard the Hand
  • Manbirth the Man who gives birth to babies
  • Donuts the Donut
  • Steamroll Victim the Steamrolled guy (Later called Steamroll Victim #1 in Me and My Honeyhug.)
  • Tiny Monkey the Small Monkey
  • Behemoth Chicken the Chicken

Second Star Heads

These heads first appeared in We Love Honeyhug

  • Fat Kid the Fat Child
  • Giraffey the Giraffe
  • Duck Shark the Bird Shark
  • Buckle Your Pants the Pants Buckler
  • Boot the dumb guy with a boot on his head
  • Toothbrush the Toothbrush
  • Blocketeer the Rocketeer
  • Siren the Siren Light
  • Snail the Snail
  • Hatzilla the Monster hat wearer
  • I See You the Eyeball Mutant
  • Sausage the Sausage
  • 25% Off the 3/4 Guy
  • 50% Off the 1/2 Guy
  • Moose the Moose
  • Triple Threat the Three headed Mutant

Distant Star Heads

These heads first appeared in Me and My Honeyhug

  • Troll the Castle Crasher Troll
  • Jonny 4 the Robot
  • Mr. Bobbins the Apple
  • Hooshmand the Wise the Fat Cat
  • Snakeface the Snake Hat man
  • BOOM! the Bomb
  • Mr. Peabody the Underwear hat man
  • Peeps the Monster
  • Scuba Steve the Scuba Diver
  • Paul the child on a guys head.
  • The Nose Knows the Nose
  • Little Feets the Sasquatch
  • The Dad the Father Cyclops
  • Stubby the Stubble guy
  • Steamroll Victim #2 the Other Steamrolled guy
  • Tiny Cyclops the Small Cyclops

VERY Distant Star Heads

These heads first appeared in Honeyhug Forever

  • FBI Agent 1 the FBI Guy
  • FBI Agent 2 the Other FBI Guy
  • ???
  • The King the Castle Crasher's King
  • Rammy the Ram
  • Barbarian the Castle Crasher's Barbarian
  • Swamp Bro the Castle Crasher's Snakey
  • Turkey the Turkey
  • Santa the Fake Santa
  • Cyber Monday the Present
  • ???
  • Groundhog the Groundhog
  • ???
  • The Monster the Triceritops
  • Meebs the Cell-eyed mutant
  • Cecil the Deformed Cyclops