Holy Night is a 2019 comedy directed by Nicholas Stoller.


Tyler is about to get married to the beautiful Melissa. However, when Melissa notices that Tyler does not have a best man, she convinces him to reconnect with Eric, his rowdy best friend from college. Tyler discovers that Eric is now a born-again Christian who is on his way to becoming a priest. Eric convinces Tyler to go on one last night out for old times' sake. However it soon becomes clear that Eric is a vulgar sex addict who uses God to excuse his reprehensible actions. Now the two must survive a night that includes a Canadian drug lord, drugged wine, dominatrixes, and general douchebaggery.


Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Tyler

Topher Grace as Eric

Anna Kendrick as Melissa

Michael Cera as Bobby

David Krumholtz as Krueger

Kristen Wiig as Natasha

Kate McKinnon as Katya

Clancy Brown as Father George

Asa Butterfield as Young Tyler

Levi Miller as Young Eric

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