Hildy Gloom

Hildy Gloom is the antagonist of the 7D and the partner of Grim Gloom.


Hildy is an evil witch who wants to destroy Crossovia when she was still around.



  • "Glad you could make it."
  • "So, Alyson, are you the coward who is a phasmophobe?"
  • "Okay, so, you're the phasmophobe. I kept you in hostage because you are still afraid of ghosts."
  • "If you don't believe in ghosts, I'm serious!"
  • "It's not fair! I want the little angel, Alyson!"
  • "Okay, Rippen! I want this plan to be completed!"
  • "Hello, Glad I caught you, Penn the Cheetah!"
  • "My plan is to keep Alyson in hostage for being a coward, like Courage is!"


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