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Hikaru Hoshina
Rio Komiya
Astral Knights Indigo Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Astral Knights
Colors: Indigo
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First Appearance: PRaAK Episode 1 (cameo)
PRaAK Episode TbD (as the Indigo Ranger)
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Face/Voice Claims: Rio Komiya
Ben Diskin (voice)
Astral Knights Indigo Ranger

Hikaru Hoshina (星奈輝 Hoshina Hikaru?) is the Astral Knights Indigo Ranger of the Astral Knight Rangers.


Power Rangers Astral Knights's version of Star Twinkle PreCure's Hikaru Hoshina.

Hikaru is an imaginative and curious CVHS senior who loves constellations and space. He can be rather stubborn too, in which he will investigate anything that interests him thoroughly and acts on intuition. He is also supportive and caring towards others. He does, however, have moments where he can become deeply upset. He knows when to take responsibility and when to take charge.

Astral Knights Indigo Ranger




  • Astral Paladin Morpher


  • Draco AstralZord

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