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Highpows's World Is Fanmade American Adult animated sitcom created by Highpows And Ntpockets for the Adult Swim. The Show is set in the New York City. And Features Voice Talents Of Highpows , Ntpockets , Nightburner , Piggy Atom , Tasty Donuts , Stephen Swaby . The Series centers of Highpows And His friends. around the downtown And there's have surreal comedy misadventure simulations.

Welcome To The Great Whole World Avatar Concept (2005).png

Before The Highpows's World Series conceived by Highpows Who made the old short film in 2005 called "Welcome to great whole world" and the characters rebooted with 2-D Animation Computer. And Highpows , Ntpockets Explained Rebooted "Welcome To Great Whole World" and renamed Zack And Tim into Their real life talent entire the series by replaced gamers and youtubers. And Smile The Magician Character Getting Cancelled Not Appear on Highpows's World.


  • The show revolves around the adventures of Highpows And His Friends


NYC GettyImages-640006562.jpg

In 2007 Highpows while studying animation the background city Several aspects Highpows's World he thoughts the skyline viewed from new york city been replaced of "welcome to the great whole world" getting revealed. From The Production Near Highpows's Condo The first look of city's counterpart.

Highpows's condo background.png


  • Nightburner Voiced By Himself
  • Highpows Voiced By Himself
  • Ntpockets Voiced By Himself
  • Geoguy Productions Voiced By Himself
  • Piggy Atom Voiced By Himself
  • Tasty Donuts As Himself
  • Vrecs As Himself
  • Robert Stainson As Santed Sailor
  • CPAXX As Himself
  • CPJXX As Himself
  • JacobH As Himself
  • Grounding Guy As Himself
  • Nick (Stuart) As Himself
  • Stephen Swaby As Himself

Guest Stars

  • TBA


Season Episodes Aired Date
1 13 July 20 2007
2 13 September 1 2008
3 13 July 10 2009
4 11 March 7 2010
5 12 August 2 2011
6 13 December 30 2012
7 10 July 30 2013
8 13 April 14 2014
9 13 October 31 2015
10 13 January 31, 2016
11 10 November 1 2017
12 11 April 24 2018
13 13 August 19 2019

Video Games List


  • On development of Highpows And Ntpockets who making Tj's World and producer of Highpows's World. had announced making future film in 2020 when came after 12 seasons. with featuring youtuber voice and talents ( Awildmew , Johnkyle and more) in new movie "Highpows's World The Movie" until 2020 it's comes out with The Croods 2.
  • the movie tease trailer concept (early) and movie poster that have cancelled in 2017 and gets remake and replaced in 2020 (poster coming soon)
  • Highpows's_World_The_Movie_(2017)_Trailer_Tease

    Highpows's World The Movie (2017) Trailer Tease


United States

United Kingdom


  • Adult Swim Canada (2007-Present)
  • Teletoon (At Night)
  • More coming soon!


  • Netflix (2017-Present) (with Netflix Originals on season 11)
  • Hulu (2008-Present)
  • Prime Video (2017-Present)
  • Playstation Vue (2018-Present)
  • DirecTV (2007-Present)
  • Dish Network (2009-Present)
  • Verizon Fios (2013-Present)


  • This movie based on real life people.
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