The following is a transcript for the 2003 Cartoon Network animated film Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Part 1: Machida Newest Arrival

(Show Warner Bros. Pictures logo)

(Show Cartoon Network Movies logo)

(Show Renegade Animation logo, then it fades to blue sky background)

Text: Cartoon Network presents

(The film opens to the town of Machida, Tokyo as the camera moves to a Machida Hall while the text appear on screen "A Renegade Animation production")

Japanese Kids: Go! (x8) (while one Japanese kid jumping the rope)

Ice Cream Man: Here your Ice Cream.

Japanese Kid: Thanks.

(the camera stopped at Machida Shopping Centre)

Phil Onuki: Woo-Hoo, I'm going to be A Dad!! (start running back at Home) I just talk to my wife, the baby is going to came out from her belly!!

Driver: Get out of my Way!!

Phil Onuki: Oh, Sorry, I'm gonna be a Dad, Woo-Hoo, Oh Yeah.

Person: Good for you, Man. (as Parrot tries to bite someone hair) Don't even think about it!!

Parrot: Aw!

Phil Onuki: Woo-Hoo!! (Almost trip a Person with Bottles)

Person with Bottles: HEY!!!

Phil Onuki: Woo-Hoo!! (laughs)

Person who got trips over Phil: Ow!!

(cut to Onuki House, Which is Sunsetting in the Sky)

Phil Onuki: Hi, Please to meet you!!

Person who mower the lawn: Hi.

Phil Onuki: It's a Beautiful Day (cut to Phil Onuki inside house) (sigh) I'm Here! I'm Here!

Chiyo Onuki: Oh, You were too late to come back home.

Phil Onuki: Darn!!

Chiyo Onuki: But that okay, We will spend time with me.

Phil Onuki: Wow!

(fades to falling instrumental and showing the film's title, then fades to Phil and Jane cooking together)

Chiyo Onuki: Honey, You got a wrong indi--

Phil Onuki: No, No, No, No, I got this solved!!

(cut to Phil and Jane watching television, eating Popcorn, Phil tries to pick popcorn out of the bowl, But the Bowl tip over, making a mess)

Phil and Jane Onuki: (gasps for 2 second and laugh)

(cut to Onuki House at night)

Phil Onuki: Push (x4) (grunts)

Chiyo Onuki: (grunts)

(cut to Jane Onuki pushing out and Phil Onuki look at Jane Onuki, then Phil Onuki trips over into the Box)

Chiyo Onuki: (laugh for 4 second and gasps)

Baby: (crying, as Phil Onuki get up out of the Box)

Chiyo Onuki: 12 hours of labour.

Phil Onuki: Oh, It's so worthless, Oh, look at her, look at her! Ami Onuki, She got her pink little hair and pink eyes, I knew that was pink eyes on her, I knew She were smart of those girls, this Onuki got the great thing for the world, I can feel it.

Chiyo Onuki: Honey, What is that thing over there?!

Phil Onuki: Oh, Umm, I think it's like over-- (being silent in 1 second) (giggles) You're wanna a Girl, right? (cut to Jane Onuki and Baby Ami looking at him, then it cut to Phil Onuki, who is now holding a syringe) (clears throat) This won't sting a bit, daughter.

(cut to Baby Ami, who got shocked without opening mouth and she staring to cry louder, camera zooming into Baby Ami mouth)

Part 2: Ami Onuki Growing Up

(camera flashes to Phil Onuki play silly games with Baby Ami, which she still crying)

Phil Onuki: Woo, Wooo (Baby Ami stopped crying), Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo!! (Baby Ami start crying again, then Phil touches Baby Ami Nose) got ya nose (Baby Ami started to laugh) got ya, got ya-- (He slip and headbutt Baby Ami head, making her cry again) Uhh, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry!!

(camera flashes to Phil Onuki reading a Magazine and Jane Onuki holding Baby Ami, which she still crying again, after 4 second, Phil Onuki pick a flower and put it on her head, which make Baby Ami stopped crying)

(Another camera flashes to Baby Ami walk to Jane Onuki with Phil Onuki taking a photograph at Baby Ami and Jane Onuki)

(Another camera flashes to All of Photograph from Baby Ami to Younger Ami, then Phil Onuki holding a box with Younger Ami run to Phil Onuki, Which Younger Ami Onuki has now longer hair with flower in her hair, her hair in pigtails, and a 1960s go-go dress, a white/lime green watch, a red bracelet, white socks and White kneel boots.)

Phil Onuki: Hi, Daughter.

Youngest Ami Onuki: Are those my instruments?

Phil Onuki: They sure are!

(Youngest Ami Onuki look at the Box)

Youngest Ami Onuki: Wow!!

(cut to Jane Onuki cooking in the Kitchen)

Youngest Ami Onuki: Those aren't my instruments?!

Phil Onuki: Well, Umm, they're my instruments, so...

Chiyo Onuki: There, music darling, for my cousin, Ryo.

Phil Onuki: and there is only for you.

(Youngest Ami Onuki felts sad, then it fades to a nice suburban neighbourhood, full of peoples happily living their lives. Ami parents wave sweetly as younger Ami came back, with that, she is no longer has hair in pigtails)

Younger Ami: Hi Dad.

Phil Onuki: Hi Ami, but I have exciting news for you!

Younger Ami: What is it?

Chiyo Onuki: Tomorrow is your 9th birthday.

Younger Ami: Wow. Tha-that's really exciting. Well I'm off to my room now! (Youngest Ami head off to the room)

Phil Onuki: Oh, but I'm not done yet. This is a "special birthday" for the likes of YOU! I always get excited about all the things there! And best of all, I would like have a... best friend forever and who stay with me forever.

Younger Ami: (in unison) Woah woah woah! BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!?

Phil Onuki: Yeah! You must feel so excited to see what it's like, huh?

Younger Ami: Yes I do!

Phil Onuki: *sigh* If only I could go with you to your "special birthday".

Younger Ami: (thinking) Well... tell you what, if I'm had a best friends and maybe later I'll introduce you to all my other friends after tomorrow.

Phil Onuki: Okay then, you go to your room and I can handle your best friends decide!

Youngest Ami: Will you be alright, since my cousin still on vacation in Florida?

Phil Onuki: Oh, Ami. Of course I'll be alright!

Younger Ami: Okay. (starts walking) Bye! *door closing*

(Silence for 10 seconds as Youngest Ami starts laying down on the couch, flipping through several channels on the TV)

Announcer: Are you tired of listening to the boring music... then come down to BIGGEST ROCKSTAR EVER... You can be a partner with you and START ROCKING... It's called ROCKSTAR FRIENDS... when you're can be famous.

Part 3: Ami Meet Yumi

(next day in a nice suburban neighbourhood, when Younger Ami thinking of her best friends forever sign)

Unknown Dad: If I'll let my Boy in... to be your best friends forever.

Younger Ami: No, If I let him in... He might gonna wreck my stuff.

(Dad and Boy shocked, next is Mum and her little Girl)

Mum: If You let her in... will you promise to be nice to my little lady.

Girl: Yeah, I love you so much with you.

Younger Ami: Well, I don't not promise you.

(Mum and Little Girl sad, next and final is Yumi)

Yumi Mum: If I let my girl in.. are you promise you're gonna take her, say hi to her.

Younger Yumi: (neutral) Hi.

Younger Ami: Really, I didn't know you are my best friends?!

Younger Yumi: I surprised that you were being cheerful.

Younger Ami: Really, I wouldn't have to be that simple.

Yumi Mum: Phew, What a charming.

Younger Ami: Listen Here, Can you be my best friends forever.

Younger Yumi: You're just want to be friends with me, huh, That's look wonderful.

Younger Ami: Terrific, I take her!

Younger Yumi: What?!

Younger Ami: I take her!

Younger Yumi: I'm not joking, this is not what I don't like her.

Younger Ami: What?! (laughing) You're such a nice one.

(Yumi Mum signs Phil Onuki as Ami Best Friends Adopt, as Younger Ami hug Younger Yumi)

Younger Ami: (take Young Yumi away from her mum)

Younger Yumi: No, I hate you people.

Younger Ami: (giggles) You're such a funny one.

Younger Yumi: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

(as Younger Ami take Young Yumi to her room, Chiyo Onuki was happy)

Chiyo Onuki: She did it... She finally get her best friends!

Phil Onuki: Technically, She get her best friends.

Chiyo Onuki: So what are we going to do now?

(Phil Onuki get a little hammer and break the glass party emergency)

Phil Onuki: PARTY!!!!!!

(a group of People Cheer, Younger Ami blew out of candies, Balloon and party streamers come out)

Part 4: Ami and Yumi at School/5 Years Later

(We fade to outside Ami's school with the text "2 Years later" appears, inside the classroom Young Ami and Young Yumi is in, we see Young Ami and her backpack in the middle of the classroom, where Ami begins a conversation with (???).))

(The door begins to open.)

Young Ami: (gets back into his seat) Oops!

(The door opens to reveal the teacher, who seems to resemble Eddy from Ed, Edd, n Eddy, only with a hair.)

Teacher: Good morning, class.

Students: Good morning, teacher.

Teacher: (starts writing on the chalkboard) In case you all may not know, my name is Professor Michael.

Young Ami: (raises his hand) Hey sir, I have a question.

Prof. Michael: All right then, little Ami. What's the 5-O?

Young Ami: Your last's exactly the same as Ed--

Prof. Michael: I know, I know. Let's just not talk about it and go straight to roll call, shall we? (clears throat) Ahem. Ami?

Young Ami: Here.

Prof. Michael: Yumi?

Young Yumi: Here.

Prof. Michael: (???)?

(???): Here.

Prof. Michael: Alan?


Prof. Michael: Alan? Are you in?

(More Silence)

Prof. Michael: Okay, Alan absent today. Now... Melissa.


Prof. Michael: Melissa? Melissa?

(So much Silence!!)

Young Ami: (raises her hand again) Um, sir? I didn't know Alan and Melissa were at this school.

Prof. Michael: (interrupts Young Ami) Okay okay, I guess we can skip roll call for today. I'm pretty sure I know all your names anyway. (grins sheepishly)

(We cut to a forest with a text saying "5 year later...")

(Ami Onuki is shown walking in the woods with her drumsticks.)

Ami Onuki: (echoes) Hello? Anyone here?

(A growl is heard)

Ami Onuki: What? Who's there?

(A louder growl is heard as well)

Ami Onuki: Come out! I have a Drumsticks and I'm not afraid to use it!

Yumi Yoshimura: (echoes) Ami.

Ami Onuki: Huh? That sounds like...

(A monster pops out of the bushes screaming in Yumi Yoshimura's voice)

Monster: ONUKI!!!

Ami Onuki: (screams)

(Yumi Yoshimura wakes up Ami Onuki)

Yumi Yoshimura: Wake Up, Wake Up, Onuki!

Ami Onuki: (shaking) Woah! What the...? Yumi!

Yumi Yoshimura: Hey, Ami. What were you dreaming about?

Ami Onuki: Well... I dreamed about when I was in the woods, and I heard a monster, but then I heard your voice in the distance... and you woke me up. later on.

Yumi Yoshimura: Uh?

Ami Onuki: Aw. Well, you know what happened.

(Kaz opened the door and went in Ami and Yumi's room)

Kaz Harada: Rise and shine, girls. It's time to do something impossible.

Ami Onuki: Uh, okay.

(Ami Onuki gets out of bed and stretch her body)

Kaz Harada: C'mon, girls. Let's go!

Yumi Yoshimura: Um, come again?

Kaz Harada: We have to pick up Ned Nicholas from school! (smiles) Now let's move!

Ami Onuki: Great! I'll grab my stuff!

Kaz Harada: There's no time to do that now. Get into the Puffy Van.

(Kaz Harada walks out of Ami's room then comes back in)

Kaz Harada: You know what I'm saying, let's move!

Ami Onuki: I don't care what he says, I'm taking my stuff... ANYWAY!

(Ami Onuki gets her stuff and Kaz Harada, Ami Onuki, and Yumi Yoshimura went out of Ami Onuki's room and they went down stairs to the dining room)

Zoe Zero: Order up! I have pancakes for everyone, and I've made it all by myself!

(Everyone (minus Ned Nicholas) rushes to the dining room, and sits on their chairs in the dining table)

Zoe Zero: All right, everyone. Who wants some pancakes?

Ami and Yumi: I do! I do! I do!

Kaz Hararda: What about me?

Ami Onuki: I want syrup!

Zoe Zero: Okay, let me cut in half.

(Ami, Yumi, Kaz, and the gang (minus Ned) were eating breakfast)

Kaz Harada: Okay, so everyone finished eating. Right? (The gang (minus Kaz Harada and Ned) agreed that they finished eating) Okay then, we have stuff to do. Now, today we have to pick up Ned from School, and then we'll pick up Takuya. After we pick them up, we can create the plan to stop Julie Jewel and his dad, Bill Blake from taking over the universe. And we will stop them once and for all. Is that okay?

Everyone (minus Kaz Harada and Ned): Okay!

Kaz Harada: All right, let's get in the Puffy Van.

(Everyone went outside of the house)

Part 5: The Puffy Van

Kaz Harada: Alright, alright, alright, GET IN THE PV!

Yumi Yoshimura: (confused) Um, what's a TPV?

Kaz Harada: (jealous) Who cares about it? Hello, it's the Puffy Van. Duh. (neutral) Alright, I want you to get inside the Puffy Van. And I mean right now, troopers. Go go go go go go go!

(Everyone (minus Ned) are in the Puffy Van)

Kaz Harada: Okay, are you all set?

Everyone (minus Kaz Harada and Ned): Sir, yes sir!

Kaz Harada: Alright then. (starts the engine) Let's go!

(The Puffy Van drove to School)

(Fades to School as the Puffy Van arrives)

(Ned opens the door)

Ned Nicholas: Bye, Everyone.

Students: Goodbye, Ned. (walks away)

(Ned went to the Puffy Van and drives off)

Kaz Harada: How's your day, Ned?

Ned Nicholas: I was gardening with my friends.

Kaz Harada: That's good.

(Silence for 3 seconds)

Kaz Harada: Now... (harmonic) who wants ice creeaam?

Everyone (minus Kaz Hararda): I do! I do! I do!

Kaz Harada: Hey look! (looks at window, showing Takuya with his skateboard) It's Dick. He's at his front lawn.

(Cuts to Takuya at his front lawn and the Puffy Van stops)

Kaz Harada: Hey, Takuya!

Takuya Nagsako: Hey, Kaz.

Kaz Harada: Do you want to go for a ride with me and my team?

Takuya Nagsako: Yeah, sure!

(Takuya gets in the Puffy Van to go for a ride)

(Cuts inside The Puffy Van, where Takuya sits down on the seat)

Kaz Harada: Let's go!

(The Puffy Van drove away)

(Cuts to Takuya inside the Puffy Van with the rest of them)

Kaz Harada: So how's your day, Takuya?

Takuya Nagsako: Um, it was good.

Kaz Harada: Good thinking.

(Shows the red car on the street, with Julie Jewel behind the other side of the red car)

(Cuts to Julie Jewel hiding in the right side of the red car, on the road)

(Julie Jewel laughs evily)

(Shows the 3D animation sequence of the Puffy Van on the road)

Kaz Harada: (off-screen) So, Takuya Nagsako, did you heard about anything?

(Cuts to Takuya and everyone inside the van)

Takuya Nagsako: Well, to make a long story short, yes. I've heard about Julie Jewel's evil team, She and his father, Bill Blake, having a plan to destroy all of us, (Everyone gasped) brainwashing everyone at Jacksonville, destroy everything from Jacksonville, (Kaz Harada gasped) rename Jacksonville to Julietropolis, and build everything in Julietropolis.

(Kaz Harada stepped on the brake pedal, for the Puffy Van to stop)

Everyone: (off-screen) WHAT!?!

Takuya Nagsako: I said, Julie and his father, Bill Blake are planning to destroy all of us, (Everyone gasped) brainwashing everyone at Jacksonville, destroy everything from Jacksonville, (Kaz Harada gasped) rename Jacksonville to Julietropolis, and build everything in Julietropolis.

(Everyone gasped once again)

Emi: (screaming) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! HELP! (crying) I don't want to die! I wanna live!

Kaz Harada: (angry) Well, we have to stop Julie! (echoes) Once, and for all! (confused) But how?

Takuya Nagsako: Listen, Kaz, I had a friend named Yuri, who likes to use his Tele-O-Manic. It teleports everywhere.

Kaz Harada: (realized) Aha! I knew exactly where to find him!

(cut to the exterior view of Yoshimura's house)

Part 6: Yuri House

(Shows the 3D animation sequence of Puffy driving to Yuri's house, and park next to the tree)

(Everyone went out of Puffy Van)

(Shows Yuri's living room with the front door)

(Ami Onuki opened the front door, and Everyone went inside Yuri's house)

(Everyone went downstairs to Yuri's laboratory on the basement)

(Yumi Yoshimura walked to Yuri's office and talks to Yuri, sitting in his desk)

Yumi Yoshimura: Uh, hello?

(Yuri Yoshimura stands up, turned around, and talked to Yumi Yoshimura)

Yuri Yoshimura: Hi, My name is Yuri Yoshimura. How may I help you?

Yumi Yoshimura: Yes, I would like to tell you, Brother, where your inventions are?

Yuri Yoshimura: Have you ever seen me before? But you can call me Yuri.

Yumi Yoshimura: I haven't seen you before, Yuri, and now I can see you.

Yuri Yoshimura: You sure do, Yumi. You sure do.

Yumi Yoshimura: Right, anyways, where are your inventions? There's gonna be some inventions here somewhere.

Yuri Yoshimura: Well, they're in my storage area, right below my laboratory.

Yumi Yoshimura: All right then, I want to see the Tele-O-Manic. Do you have it?

Yuri Yoshimura: Yes, I do have it. Follow me.

(Shows Yuri Yoshimura presenting the Tele-O-Manic to Puffys inside the storage area)

Yuri Yoshimura: Here it is, ladies and gents. Behold, the Tele-O-Manic, it teleports everywhere. Let me demonstrate about this apple. (puts the apple on the pad of the Tele-O-Manic) I'm going to test the machine with the apple, right now.

(Yuri Yoshimura operates the Tele-O-Manic, as it shoots on the apple and teleports to Nagsako's house)

Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura: (surprised) WOW! (happy) That was awesome!

Ami Onuki: (happy) Can we try it, along with our pal, Yumi Yoshimura?

Yuri Yoshimura: Yes you can, but I'm staying right here in my laboratory. You guys go to that teleportation box, and then I'll teleport you guys back to your house where you belong.

(Puffys went inside the teleportation box of the Tele-O-Manic)

(Yuri Yoshimura operates the Tele-O-Manic, as Ami Onuki, along with her friends, gets teleported inside the teleportation box, back to her house)

Ami Onuki, Yumi Yoshimura, Kaz Harada and Emi: (surprised) WOW! (happy) It worked!

Ami Onuki and her friends: (cheering) Hooray!

Zoe Zero: (talks to Emi) I can't believe that the Tele-O-Manic worked! High five, Emi!

(Zoe gives Emi a high-five)

Kaz Harada: Well guys, I think we can just head off in your van. (takes his teleportation remote out of his pocket) Good thing I have my teleportation remote.

Ami Onuki: Really. What does it do?

Kaz Harada: It does this. (operates the teleportation remote as it shoots on the Puffy Car, and teleports back to the Ami Onuki House) That remote works, too.

(Kaz Harada and his friends (expect Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura) went inside the Puffy Van, and drove away)

Part 7: Julie Jewel's Evil Lair

(A thunderstorm flashes to show Julie Jewel's evil lair and cut inside the lair to show Julie Jewel emerge from a room. then, she carries a blaster gun.)

Julie Jewel: Hey, Guys!

(Julie Jewel's minions emerge from several rooms.)

Julie Jewel: Watch me shoot this picture of Ami Onuki.

(Cut to a picture of Ami Onuki which got blast and get burn, and Julie Jewel's minions start laughing.)

Julie Jewel: (laughs) Did you see what I did there? Man, imagine if that really happened to Ami Onuki. That would have been way cooler than that! Who's next?

Julie Jewel's Minions (expect Julie Jewel): Us!

(Julie Jewel's minions are shooting at Ami Onuki picture and laughing.)

Julie Jewel: Okay, now to enact a plot to destroy Puffy and Jacksonville and rule the world already. But first, I must tell my dad for these plan. DAD!

Bill Blake: Yes, My sweet darling?

Julie Jewel: I need you to help me from my plan.

Bill Blake: Well, I help you too!

Julie Jewel: Great!

(Julie Jewel gets her plan map.)

Julie Jewel: Okay, so the plan is... (puts her map on the table) we destroy the so-called Puffy... (camera closes up on his face) and Jacksonville... (camera closes up on his face again) and RULE THE WORLD!!!! (laughs manically)

Bill Blake: (confused) Um, Sweetie? You just said that earlier.

Juile Jewel: I been just what to told me! No more Jacksonville, couple of week ago, all of those city down out there is gonna nothing but Me! You're will be up for broomer and heartbreaking of their homeplaces!

Bill Blake: Such a good girl and after you finished off Puffy, There will be nobody will listen to their songs!

Julie Jewel: Exactly! Easy, Do you want to swing one like being again?


Julie Jewel: Oh, come on, Dad, Why did you shout at me for?!

Bill Blake: What are you afraid of? GROW UP, OR DO YOU WANT TO END UP LIKE YOUR MOTHER!!!

More Coming Soon!

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