A list of ideas for Season 4 for of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (If it's real.)


  1. Spa and Sauna Day Off/Amethyst All Over!/Chao Care
  2. Fashion Ami/Heartbroken Yumi/Julie's Mansion
  3. Foul Mouth Yumi/Dimension Destruction/Beach Blanket Ami
  4. Kimi-kaze!/No Kimi Escape!/Get an Elise!
  5. Hi Hi Hockey/Mattress Maids/Internet Superstars
  6. Harmony on Puffy Candy!/Dead Fainting/Mad Meow Night!
  7. Card Co-op!/Cheesecake Crazy!/Manga Madness Part 3
  8. Origins of Julie/All Japanese/B.C. Julie
  9. Domo's New Cat Food/Julie's Hamster/Data Corruption
  10. Koi Fish Returns/Movie Madness Part 2/Pet Peeve
  11. Yumi's Love Life/Rock n' Bowl/Razzle Dazzle Kaz
  12. Manga Madness Part 4/Ami Goes Solo/Rock School
  13. Yumi Yumi/Zoo Keeper Ami/Dog Feud
  14. The Legend of Zelda Riders Zero Gravity Part 1
  15. The Legend of Zelda Riders Zero Gravity Part 2
  16. Manga Madness Part 5/Yumi's Square/Harmony's Mind

Coming Soon

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