Season 1

Ami's Chili

Premise: At a chili restaurant, Ami accidentally eats Yumi's chili and it's up to Yumi and Kaz to help her.

Storyboarded by James Dahlbender
Written by Amy Edmison
Animation by Jill P, James Dahlbender, Kari Maria, Amy Edmison, Jim R, Caleb C, Jared A, Owen C
Lip-Sync by Sarah M, Chris A
Backgrounds by James Dahlbender
OST Featured: Fiesta Fiasco (Composed by James Dahlbender and Mary G)
I'm on Fire (Composed by James Dahlbender) 

You Wish

Premise: A crate from Saudi Arabia arrives at the bus and Ami accidentally summons a Genie.

Storyboarded by Sarah M, Caleb C
Written by Amy Edmison, James Dahlbender
Animation by Seth W, Jared A, Mary G, Lara K, Cody G, Pete S, James Dahlbender, Kari Maria, Matthew T
Lip-Sync by Sarah M
Backgrounds by James  Dahlbender
OST: Arabian Genies (arrangement of Arabian Nights by James Dahlbender)
Guest Stars: Kimberly Brooks as Gene-Ami and Matthew T as Mail Man


More coming soon.

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