This is a list of episodes for the CN Show, Hi Hi Kirby Ami Yumi.

Season 1

# Title Airdate Overview Code
Pilot Welcome to the Group (TV-Y7) May 24, 2011 Ami & Yumi crash land into Kirby and Yoshi. They instantly become friends and offer Kirby's friends from Toon City, Jake from the show "Adventure Time", and more others to move in with them 001
1 New Manageer? / The Rock Show (TV-PG-V) May 31, 2011 U.B. Hires brody to be the 4-O's manageer. / Brody schedules a new concert for Ami & Yumi on Wensday. 101
2 Purple Pysco / Prank Week (TV-PG-V) May 31, 2011 Yumi becomes pysco and thinks Toon City will be bombed. / It's an all-out Prank War! 102
3 Philosaptor / The Koopa Troopa Race (TV-PG) June 3, 2011 Kirby finds a dino named Philosaptor in the attic. / Koopa Troopa announces a personal race. 105/104
4 New Friends, The Uglydolls! / Viral Mosh (TV-PG) June 10, 2011

When Ami and Yumi go to the Shop N' Slop, they meet the two Uglydolls, Wage and Babo. / Mosh & Steve make a video called "Guy juggling PS3s while standing on a cliff and doing it with his feet" and It becomes viral!

Note: Mosh is in the cartoon while Anothy & Ian are in real life (Since there doing Skype)

5 Babo in: "Cookie Trouble" / The Thing and Me (TV-PG) June 17, 2011

Babo gets a cookie spell inside of himself somehow, as Wage tries to help him. / Ami, Yumi, Kirby, and Yoshi discover there is a hobo being chained in the attic. NOTE: This episode is a parody of "The Thing and I" from the Treehouse of Horror shorts from The Simpsons.

6 The Strangest Machine Ever / Kirby in: "Spying is Fun (So I Do It a Lot)" (TV-PG) June 29, 2011 Mosh builds a machine that turns 2 characters into one, but when Ami & Yumi go into it. They become 1 character. Ami at Day, Yumi at Night, now Mosh has to find a way to turn them back to normal. / Wage and Babo spy on Kirby. 110/111
7 Things get Werid (TV-PG-V) July 13, 2011 Ami, Yumi, and the others get into a really werid situation. 113
8 Steve Arrives / Time Tralevers / Silence! (TV-PG) December 21, 2011

A minecraft moves in Ami, Yumi, Kirby, & Yoshi's house and mistakes it for his new job. / Yumi, Kirby, Babo, and U.B. travel through time. / Kirby and Yoshi have been teleported in a silent movie, and now, Koopa Troopa, Jake, Gumball, Ami, and Yumi must save them before their voices are stolen.

9 Babo's Personal Space / Mah Burger! (TV-PG) December 22, 2011 Babo find a secert basement. Note: This marks as the first episode for Jake to not appear. / Kirby becomes a detective when he thinks King Hippo's burger was stolen. 116/115
10 Who's Dr. Octagonapus / Movie Time (TV-PG) January 5, 2012

The enemy Dr. Octagonapus gets clonked on the head while watching a movie / The 4-O enters a movie making contest hosted by Jake

Note: The first episode for Koopa Troopa to not appear.

11 Party Like a Rockstar / Koopa Troopa + Spelling = Private School Kid (TV-PG-V) January 6, 2012 Ami has a super awesome party coming up! / Koopa Troopa becomes a Private School Kid after completing "the hardest word to spell ever" (which is technically "Shell") 120/121
12 Wild West....../ Wood-Stocked (TV-PG) January 13, 2012 The Gals tell Kirby & Yoshi they were once cowgals / Kirby gets stocked by Lenny the Wood (New Enemy) 124/122
13 (TV-PG-V) Secert Agent Kirby January 20, 2012

This is somewhat a parody of the James Bond movies.


Season 2

# Title Airdate Overview Code
14 Club Meme / Werid World May 24, 2012 The 4-O visits Club Meme and meet Trollface, Y U No Guy, Derp, Me Gusta, Epic Face, Karate Kyle and others. / After Mosh & Gumball watch, they are trapped in a Werid World. 126
15 A Star is Koopa / Yoshi's Parents April 31, 2012 Koopa Troopa reveals that he starred in a commercial when he was a filly. / Yoshi's parents drop by for a visit. 203/204
16 Westren Kirby / Cookie Stand May 1, 2012 Yumi writes a song about a Westren (Kirby) who found a horse but it was a desparado's (Werdio Face). The Westren must find his sidekick (Yoshi) to beat the Indian. Ami hates the song beacuse it's a Y.O. (Yumi Only) song. / Steve & Babo open an cookie stand after betting a million dollars with Jake. Will Bubbles and Babo or Jake win the bet? 206/212
17 Mystery Drive / Your Hired! May 8, 2012 Yumi gets a new car and makes it invisbile. / Wage gets a job with Construction Workers. 209/123/202
18 Wish Dozer / Pay-Per Toss May 15, 2012 Ami discovers a magical jewel that will give ever one 1 wish / Yoshi thinks he gets paid for tossing paper in trash cans. 201/205
19 Bling BLAMED / Koopa's Game Show May 7, 2012

Kirby blames Bling Bling Boy for stealing his gummy bears. / Koopa hosts a game show.

20 Don't Start A Rumor/ Dr. Creep May 31, 2012 Yumi starts a rumor that Mosh likes Country Music./Dr. Octagonapus gets fushed with a Creeper. 211/207
21 The Comedy Stuff June 5, 2012 Steve somehow makes the show a Sitcom.

Note: This episode marks as the only episode to be given a TV-14 rating (TV-14-L). This is because there was a scene with five censor bleeps in it. Since the scene was cut out of reruns, this was rereated TV-PG.

22 When Zombies Attack / Bungee Yoshi June 8, 2012 Zombies attack the city and only the 4-O, Mosh, Gumball, Peashooter, & Everyone else can stop the zombies. / Yoshi goes bungee jumping 208/214
23 Just one Kiss / Gift Shop of Death June 14, 2012 Brody dares Ami to kiss Kirby in a game of "Truth or Dare". / Wage thinks a gift shop is haunted. 219/215/218
24 Skylanding / Jinx! June 28, 2012 Kirby helps the skylanders. / Things get intimidating when U.B. jinxes Wage. 217/216
25 Philosaptor's Bowl-o-rama July 7, 2012

Philosaptor competes against Jake in bowling.

26 Who Robbed Babo? July 19, 2012 Wage investigates the robbery of Babo. 222

More to come.........

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