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”Our time has come,choose a side and become a legend or villain in this strange multiverse!”

-The Game’s Marketing Tagline used before and during release.
  • Heroes Wake:Age of Legends as it’s full title or shortened to just Heroes Wake is a massive crossover action-adventure platformer third person shooter spectacle fighter acting as a giant nexus of all different franchises with a great plot awaiting the player. It was released in Summer of 2015 in the state it is with watered down ports for the Wii and 3DS that are different to the mainstream console versions.


  • The game plays like a spectacle fighter crossed with a platformer. It is any platinum spectacle fighter but with elements of Ratchet and Clank involved with large sandbox hub worlds with the stages being contained within different worlds themed to each world with every level being neatly packed to the edge with tons of enemies to slay and collectibles. There is also at times racing sections,puzzle sections,stealth sections and the occassional third-person shooter with weapons gained from enemies or in-story reasons. The watered down Wii U/Wii version is more of a 3D Beat‘em’up Platformer hybrid whilst the Vita version plays similar to the wii and Wii U version but portable and the 3DS version is a 2.5D platformer with lots of combat. You can also create lots of combos and use varying mixed attacks on enemies and such in the practise dojo/gameplay with these combos usually contributing to a meter in the HUD called Icon Power which allows you once you’ve dealt enough damage or collected enough coins to use an ultra-powerful attack unique to your character to wipe out enemies or even boss battles.

Character Roster

  • *=Nintendo Exclusive.
  • **=Xbox Exclusive.
  • ***=PlayStation Exclusive.
  • ****=Available on all versions.
Character Name: Icon Power Move Franchise Voice Actor
Mario* Fireball Flurry Super Mario Bros Charles Martinet
Luigi* Mr.L Strikes Back! Super Mario Bros Charles Martinet
Wario* Garlic Rush Super Mario Bros Charles Martinet
Yoshi* Feeding Frenzy! Super Mario Bros Koji Kondo
Waluigi* Bombs Away! Super Mario Bros Charles Martinet
Peach* Flower Power Super Mario Bros Kath Soucie
Bowser* Into The Inferno! Super Mario Bros Shigeru Miyamoto
Ash Ketchum/Satoshi* The Best There Ever Was Pokemon
Meowth* Gold Rush Pokemon
Red* I Choose You! Pokemon
May* Pokemon
Brock* Pokemon
James* Pokemon
Shulk* Monado Power Charge Xenoblade Chronicles
Dr.Mario* Infection Dr.Mario Charles Martinet
Ridley* Unleashed! Metroid
Samus* Charge Shot Metroid
SA-X* Shift Metroid
Kraid* Acid Rain Metroid
Ghor* Metroid Prime
Rundas* Metroid Prime
Link* The Power of Courage The Legend of Zelda
Zelda/Sheik* The Goddesses Wisdom The Legend of Zelda
Ganondorf* Calamity Ganon The Legend of Zelda
Impa* Perfect Slash The Legend of Zelda
Fi* The Legend of Zelda

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