Heroes Supreme: Defenders of the Earth is a 2015 cartoon series featuring the heroes themselves.

Heroes (Heroes Supreme of the Heroic Express)

Villains (Team E.V.I.L. of the Villainous Express)


When the Villainous Express train envelops the world into darkness, it is up to Heroes Supreme to save the day with the help of the Heroic Express train!

Episodes (Stations)

  1. Children Kidnapped: When some criminals manage to kidnap children, Optimus, Superman, Spider-Man, Red Ranger, Dusty, and Shoutmon must save the children!
  2. Duelling Fields: When Megaman is in a duel with others, it is time to make sure he survives.
  3. Villainous Express: Hundreds of the most vilest villains of all time have formed the Villainous Express!
  4. Evil Reborn: Master Xandred awakens.
  5. Samurai Express: How can a samurai Autobot like Drift come to the Heroic Express?
  6. Rocketted into Space: Rocket Raccoon modifies the Heroic Express to go to space.
  7. The Loving Reminder: Falling in love is a matter of fact for Snake Eyes.
  8. Roadbusted at Sea: Roadbuster modifies the Heroic Express to go underwater.
  9. Teleport to Spain!: Zorro modifies the Heroic Express with the power to teleport.
  10. Flying With Legendary Wings: Tensou and Michellle Heart modify the Heroic Express with the power to fly in the sky.
  11. President Evil: Chris Redfield modifies the Heroic Express to go faster to Washington D.C. and meet the president.
  12. New York's Only Talking Bullet Train: Superted modifies the Heroic Express to speak to humans. The Heroic Express' voice looks like that of a boy.
  13. Megaman and Jack Hader: Megaman visits Jack Hader's house.
  14. It's Over 100!: The Heroic Express' carriages increase to about 100 more carriages.
  15. The Cinema Carriage: Most of the entirety of Heroes Supreme watch the infamous Kaiju film "Goumajiboura" and get scared.
  16. The Nightmare: Shoutmon has nightmares of Shendu, Katlin Star has nightmares of her friend Percy becoming the Phantom of the Opera, etc., and Optimus has to cure the rest!
  17. Oz, Australia: The Heroic Express teleports to Oz, a fictional land near Australia, where he encounters the Wicked Witch of the West.
  18. Odyssey of the Titanic: Ulysses discovers the Titanic.
  19. Team E.V.I.L.: Team E.V.I.L. (Evolved Villains Inside their Lair) have been aboard the Villainous Express all along.
  20. Grimlocked: Grimlock is against his rival Grimlord!
  21. Good Rabbits vs Evil Rabbits: Bucky O'Hare is ambushed by General Woundwort and Boingo.
  22. Too KOMPLEX: KOMPLEX tries his best to conquer the Heroic Express.
  23. Doom: The Doomguy is ambushed by Dr. Doom.
  24. ToQgers: The ToQgers appear.
  25. House of Mouse Station: Megamo tries to take over the House of Mouse.
  26. Mute and Mutant: The Heroic Express teleports to the old hideout of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  27. And Blue, I Secretly Love Her: Superboy falls in love with his old schoolmate girlfriend Blue.
  28. Abandoned Gladiators Arena: Optimus Prime and Dusty Crophopper discover an abandoned Gladiators arena. Amongst its treasures was the Eliminator.
  29. Food Thief: When Megatron is starving, he plans to have Pete steal the food of all the worlds and dimensions.
  30. World Cup: Fuleco needs the Heroic Express' help in conquering his fear of villains.
  31. The Episode in Two Parts, Part 1: Twilight Sparkle is ambushed by Nightmare Moon and Mephiles the Dark.
  32. The Episode in Two Parts, Part 2: The Heroic Express manages to foil Nightmare Moon and Mephiles the Dark's plans.
  33. Iceman's Modification of the Train: Iceman of the X-Men modifies the Heroic Express to go on ice and arctic missions.
  34. Bumblebee and Stumble: Bumblebee is warned about Fruma Sarah's marriage to Frollo.
  35. Bible Heroes: The Heroic Express can now go back in time thanks to Marty McFly's modification! He visits Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Daniel, Jonah, David, Queen Esther, Isaiah, Saul, Solomon, Samson, Delilah, Deborah, Gideon, and Jesus Christ, among others.
  36. Back in the Heck of Time: The Heroic Express and Heroes Supreme land in the time of Asterix the Gaul. Asterix says that trains were not invented back in his time!
  37. Toys and Tintin: Great Snakes! Solid Snake has discovered that Tintin found some of his old toys.
  38. I am the Gospel: The Gospel, a neutral god, appears before all the heroes.
  39. Heroic Express, Arrested?: The Villainous Express frames the Heroic Express.
  40. Pizza Express: Mario makes pizza for the heroes to eat, but bad ol' Queen Beryl wants the golden pizza to devour!
  41. Pollution in the Making: Dr. Blight and No-Heart pollute Care-A-Lot with navy-colored blood.
  42. Tokyo to Glasgow Instantly: The Heroic Express can go city to city instantly.
  43. March of the Heroic Mob: A mob of heroic villain hunters decide to kill and crucify the Antichrist, Dark Jesus...
  44. Pedophile and Violence: The evil pedophile Jimmy Savile has been resurrected thanks to the Shredder! If only Dusty could stop him...
  45. F*** Thou: This episode contains the swearing and offensive words. Train sounds take the place of the bleeps that censored the words.
  46. How Jafar?: Jafar turns summer into winter, and only the heroes can stop him.
  47. A-Team of Vehicles: KITT recuits the A-Team, Street Hawk and Airwolf in order to save Metropolis from one of Team E.V.I.L.'s meteorites.
  48. Chaos: Chaos, an evil cat, decides to duplicate the heroes! Only Aladdin can stop him.
  49. Horrorland: The heroes, especially the Heroic Express, go to an Evilland theme park called Horrorland, and they get scared!
  50. Worldly Battle: The Battle between good and evil begins.
  51. Warring Battle: The Battle between good and evil continues.
  52. The End of E.V.I.L.: The battle between good and evil ends with the forces of evil dying, and the Heroic Express prevailing.
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