Hero University
Genre Superhero
Coming of age
Based on My Hero Academia
by Kohei Horikoshi
Voices of Sean Giambrone
Fred Tatasciore
Becky G
Troy Gentile
Keiynan Lonsdale
Max Mittelman
Composer(s) Blake Neely
Daniel James Chan
Country of
United States
No. of episodes 13
Walter Newman
Keith Crofford
Sam Register
Parker Simmons
Jordan Blum
Producer(s) Ollie Green
Jason Williams
Williams Street
Animation Studios

Warner Bros.
Distributors Warner Bros.
Original network Adult Swim

Hero University is an upcoming American television series produced by Powerhouse Animation Studios, Warner Bros. Animation and Williams Street. It is loosely based on the Japanese magna series My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi and is an adapation of its anime series that features heroes and villains with and without powers, which will use the term quirk from the anime and metahumans from DC Comics, Like the anime it will Adult Swim's Saturday night programming block Toonami.


80% of the worlds' human population possess superpowers under the name "quirks" that manifest at birth or overtime Sean Brimner, a quirkless teenager dreams of becoming a hero like his idol All Might despite being bullied as a child soon, after being scouted by his favorite hero having witnessed his potential, the hero shares his quirk with Sean and later helps to enroll him in a prestigious university for heroes in training. But he soon discovers that the remaining 20% of the population have become heroes and villains some without powers and some that have acquired their powers through unconventional means and some that aren't human.

Voice Cast

Tom Cavanagh will voice a character based on Harrison Wells / Eobard Thawne / Reverse Flash from Arrowverse's The Flash.


An order for a western animated version was made by Adult Swim. It will be coproduction between Warner Bros. Animation, Powerhouse Animation Studios and Williams Street with animation by Studio Mir, in this adapation it takes in Los Angeles, California, some of the characters will be given American names and retain their powers (or quirks) it also adds powerless heroes, villains as well as other types including Metahumans from DC Comics. Jordan Blum and Parker Simmons will showrun the series, Thomas Perkins and David Colman will serve as character designers, Horikoshi will be creative consultant, Haewon Lee as head writer, Marc Guggenheim and various writers from the Arrowverse will be involved. Cast will consist of Sean Giambrone, Fred Tatasciore, Becky G, Troy Gentile, Keiynan Lonsdale and Max Mittelman, in addition Patrick Seitz, Monica Rial and Colleen Clinkenbeard reprise their roles as different versions of their characters from the anime, recording will be held at Bang Zoom! Studios with Michael Sinterniklaas as voice director and Eric P. Sherman as sound supervisor.

Arrowverse composers Blake Neely and Daniel James Chan will the score the series, which housed and recorded at Conway Recording Studios.

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