Hero Pets is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of The Pet Adventures of Lego.


After watching an episode of Brave Braverton, Wag makes a comic book where he, Lego and Rose are superheroes and have to fight supervillain versions of Velcro and Stella.

Voice cast


  • Writers: TBD
  • Storyboard Artists: TBD
  • Directed by: TBD



  • John and Mattie appear only in the standard universe in this episode, while Brave Braveton and Evil Doctor Wilson appear only on TV.
    • However, Velcro and Stella appear only in the comic.
  • The episode is slightly inspired by the Pink Panther and Pals segment, Pink! Pow! Kaboom!.
  • The episode had an animated web series spinoff later.
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