From The Producers of "Muppets"

With Co-Producer of "How to Train Your Dragon"

And The Director of "Elf"

Comes of Brand New Feature Movie "Hello Kitty: The Movie" Friday May 17, 2013

When their world starts disappearing, Hello Kitty (played by Emma Watson) and the gang journey to the real world of Warner Bros. where they meet members who ate Mr. Harry Lord (played by Craig T. Nelson)'s dog. Papa John Cat (played by Will Arnett) takes Jacob's wallet to get back. Then Hello Kitty says to Papa Cat, "Where is Grandma?" Then Papa Cat says Grandma (played by Caroline Cook) is in their world. And then Mr. Lord appears. They defeat him, went back to Warner Bros. and get back on TV. And then, Hello Kitty's world is once again restored.


  • Emma Watson as Hello Kitty
  • Will Arnett as Papa Cat
  • Kate Hudson as Mama Cat
  • Carlone Cook as Grandma Cat
  • Franklin Douglas as Grandpa Cat

Additional Voices

  • Eric Jacobson
  • Jack Angel
  • Nigel Phankton
  • Tara Strong
  • Jim Cummings
  • Mark Anderson
  • Serena Johnson
  • Frank Welker
  • Paul Winchell


Danny Elfman

Release Date

10. 16. 14


Hello Kitty: The Movie (2013 film)/Credits

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