Hector Carrillo is a voice actor, he was born in October 16, 2002 in El Paso TX, his friends Joshua Rush and Max Charles as part of the voice actors, and The voice of Harold in Steven Universe


  • Steve the Elephant (The Lion Guard)
  • Harold (Steven Universe)
  • David (Mr. Peabody and Sherman 2)
  • Boy with Glasses (The epic tales of captain underpants)
  • Young Nick Wilde (Zootopia the Series)
  • Young Sully (Monsters inc 2)
  • Young Classified (The Penguins of Madagascar 2)
  • Jason (Trolls 3)
  • Brian (Harvey Beaks)
  • Additional Voice (Ice Age the EarthQuake)
  • Additional Voice (Rio 3)
  • Underpants Jr. (Trolls the beat goes on)
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