Have Fun is an upcominf Mexican teen comedy film directed by Ariel Winograd, It stars Nickol Isaac Sanchez, Cassandra Sánchez-Navarro, Gabriel Nava, Alfonso Herrera, Zack Isaac Sanchez, Claudia Chong, Bruno Bichir, Sandra Echeverría and Vadhir Derbez. It is based on Max Werner's Fun Size.


  • Nickol Isaac Sanchez as Mariana Aguilera, the chooses a Princess Peach costume.
  • Cassandra Sánchez-Navarro as Gabriela Valenzuela, the chooses a sexy bunny costume.
  • Gabriel Nava as Jorge Equihua, the chooses a Superman costume.
  • Alfonso Herrera as Julio Treviño, the chooses a James Bond costume.
  • Zack Isaac Sanchez as José María "Chema" Aguilera, the chooses a El Chavo costume.
  • Claudia Chong as Cynthia Aguilera, Chema and Mariana's mom.
  • Bruno Bichir as Leonardo "Leo" Martínez, the chooses a Jack Sparrow costume
  • Sandra Echeverría as Carolina Soto, the chooses a Lara Croft costume.
  • Vadhir Derbez as Vladimir Valdés, the chooses a Captain America costume.
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