Gracey Manor

Gracey Manor

The Haunted Mansion is a world visited in Kingdom Hearts III: Reconnect. It is a world on the brink of collapse due to the large amounts of darkness found in this world's heart. Maleficent uses the manor as one of her bases for her Heartless forces. Here, she has managed to persuade several of the 999 happy haunts of the house to become her allies. After all...they were her allies in the past.


The Foyer

The Seance Room

The Graveyard

The Attic

The Dungeon/Basements

The Crypt

The Clock Hall

Corridoor of Doors

The Endless Hallways

The Stretching Room

The Conservatory

The Ballroom

Master Gracey's Suite

The Vault of Shadows

Gateway to the Underworld


The mansion is haunted by 999 permenant ghosts along with hundreds of others that come and go through this world. Not counting any Heartless, or Unversed, this puts in total an assortment of spirits, poltergeists, spectres, phantoms, apparitions, wraiths, zombies, revenants, spooks, and of course ghosts:

  • Master Edward Gracey (Nathaniel Parker)
  • Ramsley (Terrence Stamp)
  • Ezra (Wallace Shawn)
  • Emma (Dina Waters)
  • The Ghost Host (Corey Burton)
  • Madame Leota (Susan Blakeslee)
  • The Hitchhiking Ghosts
    • Ezra the Skeleton (Jeremy Howard)
    • Phineas the Traveler (Clayton Martinez)
    • Gus the Prisoner (Deep Roy)
  • Constance Hatchaway, the Black Widow Bride (Kat Cressida)
  • The Be-Headed Knight
  • The Executioner (Frank Welker)
  • The Conservatory Mummy (Allan Davies)
  • The Singing Busts
    • Rollo Rumkin
    • Uncle Theodore
    • Cousin Algernon
    • Ned Nub
    • Phineas P. Pock
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