Harry and his bucketfull of dinosaurs transformers crossover is upcoming crossover special will we release date July 2, 2018 == Plot == == Human == Jim Cummings as the narrator Nancy cartwright as Harry Tara strong as Harry mom Nana Harry big sister Cree summer as Charley Tim curry as Harry grandpa Lori hallier as Harry grandma Brad garret as Harry dad Michael J fox as spike witwicky Drew Barrymore as Carly witwicky Dee Bradley baked as sparkplug witwicky Tom cruise as Sam witwicky Megan Fox as Mikaela banes Kevin dunn as Ron witwicky Julie white as Judy witwicky == Other human == Mark Wahlberg as cade Yeager Nicola peltz as tessa yeager jack reynor as shane Stanley tucci as Joshua li bingbing as su yueming t. J. Miller as Lucas Brad Pitt as savory Brian Bloom as Lennox william tyrese Gibson as Robert Epps Dick van dyke as captain witwicky John turturro as Simmons lsabela moner as lzabella Jeff Bridges as lsaac sumdac Tara strong as Daniel witwicky and Nancy witwicky Tom Kenny as mayor edsel and kicker jones Jeremy irons as carmine fanzone Jim Cummings as porter C. Powell == Human Enemies == Peter Weller as Harold Attinger Jim Cummings as evil man == Autobots == Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime Tara Strong as Elita-1 James Arnold Taylor as Bumblebee Bumper Robinson as Jazz Fred Tatasticore as Ratchet Clancy Brown as Ironhide Nolan North as Cliffjumper Angelina Jolie as Acree Geoffrey Rush as Jetfire Jim Ward as Perceptor Alan Tudyk as Prowl Mae Whitman as Sari Drake Bell as Bluestreak As T-AL as sideswipe As sunstreaker As skids As mudflap As evac As track As seaspray As breakaway As mirage As powerglide As trailbreaker As warpath As comos As gears As huffer As pipel As smokescreen As grapple As hosit As inferno As red alert As skyhammer As Hotshot As landmine As longarm As brawn as overhaul as galaxy shuttle As sky lynx As beachcomber As rollbar As blazemaster As blaster As swerve As stratosphere as windcharger As roller as wideload As causeway As trackway As wheelie As brains === Wreckers === Michael ironside as Ultra Magnus John DiMaggio as Leadfoot Chris cox as topspin Troy baked as roadbuster John Goodman as hound Fred tasticore as Bulkhead Phil LaMarr as Drift Troy Baker as Wheeljack J. B. Blanc as Mirage John moschitta Jr as Blurr David holt as jolt As kup As fallback As starblazer As sentinel prime === Dinobots === Gregg Berger as Grimlock Laura Dern as Scera Kevin Michael Richardson as Slog Travis Willingham as Slugger Khary Payton as Striker Dee Bradley Baker as Igor Jennifer Hale as Paddles Mark Alllan Stewart as Swoop Dante Basco as Slasher As sludge As slug As slag As snarl As slash As scorn As snort As hardhead === Aerialbots === Charlie Adler as silverbolt Nolan north as air raid Rob paulsen as skydive As slingshot As fireflight As alpha bravo As storm jet As windrazor As sky shadow === Build team === As wedge As heavy load As hightower As quickmix as scoop === Protectbots === As Hot spot Steven Blum as Heatwave as Streetwise As first aid As Groove as Boulder as Blades As medical group 1 As medical group 2 As rook Laura Bailey as Silverstreak == Computron == As scattershot As strafe As nosecone as speedlight As afterburner As nightcruz == Victorian == === Junkions === Weird Al Yankoviac as Wreck-Gar as Salvage As scrapyard As junkheap == Spybots == As Rev As W.A.R.S == Monsterbots == == Trainbots == As railracer As railspike as rapid run As midnight express as getsuei As kaen As seizan As shoki As suiken as yukikaze === Speed autobots === As sideburn As scrounge clone As chromia As flareup As beta As glyph == Headmaster autobots == == Assault team == == Minibots == == New autobots == == New dinobots == Scott McNeil as taury/tauryimus prime Jeff Bergman as trike/trikehide Ben small as pterence/pterencebolt Kath soucie as patsy/patsybreaker Mark Hamil as sid/sidchet Patrick warburton as steggy/steggyshot Jeff Bennett as dinosaurtron == Maximals == == Autotrooper == As omega supreme As springer As devcon As rack 'n' ruin As starscream clone == Decepticons == Frank Welker as Megatron Steve Blum as starscream Corey Burton as Shockwave Frank welker and lsaac singleton Jr as Soundwave Will Arnett as Laserbeak Grey Griffi as Ravage A. J. Buckley as Frenzy Frank Welker as rumble As sideway As grindor As blackout As barricade As octane As astrotrain As blitzwing As tidal wave as lockdown as stockage As payload As mindwipe As skystalker as stinger As demolishor as lugnutz === Constructicons === As hook As bonescrusher As mixmaster As long haul As scrapper as scavenger As steamhammer As duststorm === Seeker === Steve Blum as starscream Adam Baldwin as thundercracker Frank Welker as skywarp as slipstream As acidstorm As icestorm As sunstorm As sunspot As hotlink As ramjet as dirage As thrust As skyscream === Combaticons === Travis Wilingham as Onslaught Jay Leno as Swindle Fred Tatasciore as Brawl As blast off As vortex As repeater As wreckage === Stunticons === Liam O'Brian as Motormaster As drag strip As wildrider As breakdown As dead end As roadoff As black jack As drift boss As knockout == Seacons == == insectscons == as airachnid As bombshell As sharpel As kickback As hardshell As bombshock As wasp as venom As ransack == Terrorcons == == ruination == == minicons == == soldierscons == As treadshot As strika As overload As crumplezone As hooligan As jetstorm clone As skyfire == Spycons == == Dreads == As dreadwing As skyquake As runabout As ranmack As over run As hatchet as crankcase As crowbar == Deathsaurus == == predacon == As razorclaw As rampage As divebomb As headstrong as torox As slapper As darkscream as gas shunk As sky-byte == Other transformers == As the fallen As galvatron As cyclonus as scrounge as primus As prima As vector prime As solus prime As thirteen prime As onyx prime as amalgamous prime As alpha trion As quintus prime as liege Maximo as last autobots As unknown new autobots As micronus prime As alchemist prime As unicron As brattboy == Transcript == == Quote == == Soundtrack == == Delete scene == 1 Harry meet autobots 2 sid cut tree 3 Harry and the friends 4 I'm so glad 5 scare Harry 6 taury kiss patsy 7 dinosaurs turn into dinobots 8 get out away 9 Harry save the day 10 runaway Harry 11 1 2 3 jump Harry 12 Harry during party == Trivia == == Credit and crew == Director by Shane Acker Matthew O'callaghan and Neil Huxley executive producer by Ron howard Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay == Home video release == == Teaser trailer == == Trailer == === Trailer 1 === === Trailer 2 === === Trailer 3 === === Trailer 4 === === Trailer 5 === === Trailer 6 === === Trailer 7 === === Trailer 8 === === Trailer 9 === === Trailer 10 === === Trailer 11 === === Trailer 12 === == Soundtrack == == Toyline == Tauryimus prime and optimus prime Patsybreaker and bumblebee Pterencebolt and jazz Sidchet and ironhide Trikehide and ratchet Steggyshot and clifrjumpers Dinosaurtron and mega machine dinosaur

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