Harmony Sentai Ponyger (translates to Harmony Squadron Ponyranger) is the 50th Series in the Super Sentai Series and is based off My Little Pony Friendship is Magic It’s motifs are Friendship,Magic And Harmony

The Ponies are Teenage Girls In this Series. Except The Villians And Princess Celestia who are Aliens.

Possible Adaptions could be Power Rangers Harmony Force or Power Rangers Equine Force


Rainbow is a Normal Teenage Girl attending High School. One Day, She Meets a New Girl Twilight Sparkle,When they find these Gemstones along with Rainbow’s Friends. Everything Changes! There‘s this Planet called Equestria which used to be peaceful until A Evil Force Named Nightmare Moon Arrived and gained Followers. But She was Blasted away into Space with her Followers with the Elements of Harmony which then crashed down on a Unknown Planet. The Gemstones they found where the Elements that crashed down on Earth! The 6 Girls must use the Elements to Transform into Ponyger and Defeat Nightmare Moon And Her Followers once and for all.


Rainbow Dash/Harmony Red

Rainbow (Played by Izumi Kitta) is the Leader of the Team And wields the Element of Loyalty

Twilight Sparkle/Harmony Magenta

Twilight (Played by Miyuki Sawashiro) is the Second In Command And is the Genius. She wields the Element of Magic.

Rarity/Harmony Blue

Rarity (Played by Mikoi Sasaki ) is the Fashionista of the Team. She wields the Element if Generosity.

Applejack/Harmony Orange

Applejack (Played by Sora Tokui )is a Apple Farmer and the Brawn of the Team. She wields the Element if Honesty.

Fluttershy/Harmony Yellow

Fluttershy (Played by Emiri Kato)is a Shy Girl with a Stare you don’t want to see. She wields the Element Of Kindness

Pinkie Pie/Harmony Pink

Pinkie (Played by Suzuko Mimori ) is a Optimistic Party Planner known for her somewhat wild behavior. She wields the Element of Laughter.




  • Friendship is Magic! It All Begins
  • A Sparkle of Hope. The Nightmare Continues.


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