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Happy Gilmore 2 is the long awaited sequel to the hit 1996 comedy. It will be produced by Happy Madison productions for Universal. It'll be released on July 16, 2021 in the US, August 28 in the UK, and September 23 in Australia


  • Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore
  • Julie Bowen as Virginia Venit
  • Bruce Campbell as Sappy Jonas
  • Christopher McDonald as Shooter McGavin
  • Allen Covert as Otto
  • Nick Swardson as Crappy Gilmore (Happy's half brother)
  • Carl Weathers as Chubbs Peterson
  • Bob Barker as Himself
  • Drew Carey as Himself


  • Reese Witherspoon as Holly the Angel (Reprising her role from Little Nicky)
  • Rob Schneider as Townie
  • George Wallace as Skipper Jenkins
  • ??? as Abraham Lincoln
  • ??? as Heaven Alligator


After 22 years of winning the Pro Golf Tour, Happy Gilmore learned that his grandmother passed away and decided to defeat Sappy Jonas at the new Pro Golf Tour, with the help of his old enemy, Shooter McGavin.


  • Bob Barker: Remember me, Happy?
    • Happy: Yes, I do, Bob. I see you have a friend, Drew Carey.
    • Drew Carey: Bob told me all about you. How you nearly pummeled him to death.
    • Happy: Guess what? The price is still wrong, bitches! (Beginning of a three-way brawl)
  • Chubbs: Happy.
    • Happy: Chubbs! You and your friends from Heaven are visiting me?
    • Chubbs: Yes, Happy because you lost your confidence before the semi-finals. 22 years ago, I met a promising rookie who won the Pro Golf Tour. Now, I am with an angel, Abe Lincoln and the Alligator that ate my hand.
    • Holly the Angel: My friend told me, like, everything amazing about you, Happy!
  • Happy: Is it just me, or do I feel socially awkward around you?
  • McGavin: Shut up, Happy! I'm trying to exercise my hands.
  • Happy: Dude, it's golf. You don't need any of this weight-stuff, what are those anyway?
  • McGavin: We'll talk about that "stuff" later. (McGavin accidentally slips and falls on his head. A weight than falls right onto his face) Owwww, crap, agggh.
  • Happy: Forget it, you won't be any help (Closes the door on McGavin)
  • McGavin: argh, me out here!


Rated PG-13 for slapstick violence, and language.