Halt's Mansion: Highway Rally is an kart racing game based on the Adult Swim animated series Halt's Mansion. It is developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, being released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 11, 2020.


Gameplay in Halt's Mansion: Highway Rally is divided into five game modes: Racing Cups, Single Race, Time Trial, Battle, Online Racing

  • Racing Cups: Allowed for up to four players to race together with a total of eleven racers on a selection of four tracks.
  • Single Race: Allows players to race on any track they like in any setting.
  • Time Trial: Allows the players to complete all the laps of a race course in the fastest time possible. The game saves the player's records, and a ghost for the combo that they used.
  • Battle: The players can select one of the two types of battles and one of the six battle courses that appear in this mode.
    • Capture the Flags:  All drivers get three flags and must use the items to hit the opponents to steal their flags.
    • TBA: TBA
  • Online Racing: Allows up to 8 players to play single races or battles together over the internet.



  • Halt Widow
    • Marionette Halt (unlockable)
    • Hana Widow (unlockable)
    • Charlie Brown Halt (unlockable)
    • White Spy Halt (unlockable)
    • Cheshire Cat Halt (unlockable)
  • Marina Widow
    • Hatsune Miku Marina (unlockable)
    • Marlin Widow (unlockable)
    • KKBG uniform Marina (unlockable)
    • Rod Serling Marina (unlockable)
    • Pink suit Marina (unlockable)
  • Mackne Widow
    • Mackan Widow (unlockable)
    • Camp Exorcism uniform Mackne (unlockable)
    • Demon Mackne (unlockable)
  • Hal Widow
    • Howard Widow (unlockable)
    • Blonde Hal (unlockable)
  • Kimberly Widow
    • Kim Widow (unlockable)
    • The new Kimberly (unlockable)
    • Lucy Van Pelt Kimberly (unlockable)
    • Chicken suit Kimberly (unlockable)
  • Joey Widow
    • Jolyne Widow (unlockable)
    • Schroeder Joey (unlockable)
  • Max Widow
    • Midnight possessed Max (unlockable)
    • Maxime Widow (unlockable)
  • Bella Widow
    • Black Spy Bella (unlockable)
    • Blaze Widow (unlockable)
    • Jotaro Kujo Bella (unlockable)
  • Kyle Widow
    • Pastor Kyle (unlockable)
    • Karen Widow (unlockable)
  • Luka Widow
    • Luke Widow (unlockable)


  • Taran Widow
    • Redneck Taran (unlockable)
  • Riddle the Crackhead
  • Chester Serj
  • Daron Slayer
  • Mitzi Widow
  • Willow Widow
  • Ken Widow
  • TJ Widow
  • Samuel Widow
  • Greg Widow
  • Becky Widow
  • Tori Widow
  • Isabella Widow
  • Fluffy Widow
  • Lil Skittles
  • Melody Kazoo


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