Hail is the secondary antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist and main anti-heroine of Strange Magic 2. She is the leader of the Dark Witches, the witch of ice, The Dark Sorcerer's former second-in-command before he betrayed her and Marianne's arch-nemesis turned friend. She is voiced by Emily Blunt.


Hail is a fairy with pale skin, long, silvery-white hair that is mostly pulled back into a high ponytail by a dark teal tube-like hairband, icy blue eyes, a scar on her right eye, and arctic blue and black butterfly wings that are nearly incinerated from a fire which resulted her wings get replaced by insect wings. She wears a dull navy blue sleeveless bodysuit with a high collar, dark blue eyeshadow, a long flowing royal purple cape, long dull navy blue gloves that conceal hideous scars all over her arms that got had during a fire attack with one concealing a huge scar on her right arm, and dark blue thigh-length high-heeled pointed boots.


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