Gustavo Gireali (Born: January 1, 9 Quadrillion BC) (Died: December 31, 2340)

an ugly very old man.

Cause of His Death: Tuberculosis

Father: Ali Gireali

Mother: Listavo Gireali

Grandmother: Liasto Gireali

Grandfather: Sauvao Gireali

Great-Grandfather: Paulo Gireali

Great-Great-Grandfather: Johno Gireali

Brother: Danielo Gireali

Son: Hanerio Gireali

Grandson: Farbaro Gireali

Great-Grandson: Pakaro Gireali

Great-Great-Grandson: Evano Gireali

Great-Great-Great-Grandson: Williamro Gireali

Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandson: Philipo Gireali

Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Hanro Gireali

Great-Grandmother: Rebicjo Gireali

Great-Great-Grandmother: Danio Gireali

Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Jiajo Gireali

Nephew: Charlo Gireali

Sister: Lidao Gireali

File:Gustavo Gireali.jpg

Gustavo Gireali in April 2018

If he was an younger?

File:Gustavo Gireali in 8999999999999938 Bc.jpg

Gustavo Gireali in March 8999999999999938 BC

File:Gustavo Gireali in 8999999999999959 Bc.jpg

Gustavo Gireali in April 8999999999999959 BC

File:Gustavo Gireali in 8999999999999978 Bc.jpg

Gustavo Gireali in June 8999999999999978 BC

File:Gustavo Gireali in 8999999999999984 Bc.jpg

Gustavo Gireali in July 8999999999999984 BC

File:Gustavo Gireali in 8999999999999998 Bc.jpg

Gustavo Gireali in February 8999999999999998 BC

File:Gustavo Gireali with His Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Great-Great-Grandfather in 9000000000000000 Bc.jpg

Gustavo Gireali with His Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Great-Great-Grandfather in February 9000000000000000 BC

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