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Gunner (2023–2033)


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Gunner (2023–2033)


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Gunner is an American animated comedy franchise focusing on single father Chuck Gunner, which would later focus on his fiancée Liz Quillip, his son Albert, and Liz's daughter Kim.

The franchise was created by Xavier Mosley and the characters debuted in the television series of the same name on September 23, 2023. A feature-length film to the television series, Gunner's Movie, was released in 2029.



Xavier Mosley had the idea in late 2019, and had taken inspiration to Fox's animated television series The Simpsons.

Main characters

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The main characters are four family members that live in the city of Payson.

Gunner-Quillip characters

The Gunner-Quillip family: Albert, Liz, Chuck, and Kim.

  • Chuck Gunner, voiced by Diedrich Bader, is a divorced father who has an adopted son named Albert. He is an overweight alcoholic that relies on street performing as a job. Other than that, he is generous but stern.
  • Liz Quillip, voiced by Mae Whitman, is Chuck's girlfriend, later fiancée, who debuted in the Season 2 premiere "Mr. Gunner and Mrs. Quillip". She once had a husband named Louis, who passed away.
  • Albert Gunner, voiced by Xavier Mosley, is Chuck's adopted son whose pop-culture obsessed.
  • Kim Quillip, voiced by Ariel Winter, is Liz's daughter with a high IQ and inventive mind.



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The half-hour series premiered on September 23, 2023 with "Gunner the Performer". Gunner takes place in the fictional version of Payson, Arizona. Jess Harnell, Stephen Root, Seth MacFarlane, Jacob Hopkins, Stephen Tobolowsky, Jenny Slate, Brian Doyle-Murray, Reagan Gomez-Preston, and April Winchell serve as the voices of the supporting characters in addition to the main cast.


Gunner's Movie

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Columbia Pictures and Smashup Productions produce Gunner's Game, an animated film that is set to release on July 21, 2028. The film will be directed by Rich Moore and written by writers Xavier Mosley, Jon Vitti, John Cohen, and The Simpsons veteran Mike Reiss.

A Girl and a Hamster

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A short-film entitled A Girl and a Hamster, focusing on minor character Mary Neilson is shown in theaters.

Video game

The franchise wasn't apparent on video games, and has only made one video games Gunner's Game (2028). Electronic Arts is responsible for developing both games.


Action figures

Both McFarlane Toys and Hasbro released a line of action figures, respectively promoting the 100th episode of the series and the film.


In 2033, Lego produces a line of sets based on Gunner to celebrate the show's 10 anniversary, including a collectable series of Lego Minifigures.


Minifigures – Gunner Series 16 different minifigures
Liz's Household Chuck, Liz, Albert and Kim
Lines Convenient Store Chuck, Liz, Albert, Jerry and Mary
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