On The Way: App-venture
On The Way - App-Venture
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Developer(s) EA Mobile
Lucasfilm Ltd.
Publisher(s) EA Mobile
Platform(s) Windows 8.1, Kindle Fire, Android
Release June 8, 2033
Genre(s) City building
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

On The Way: App-Venture is a freemium mobile game for Android, Windows 8.1 and Kindle Fire, based on the franchise developed by EA Mobile. In the game, users can create and run their own Corpus Christi with buildings and characters from the franchise. This game is released on June 8, 2033, to tribute the franchise's 15th anniversary. The show's main actors, like Xavier Mosley (Jake), Sean Giambrone (Lawrence), and Tucker Albrizzi (Gillan), Isabela Moner (Flo), and Ariel Winter (Sherrie), reprise their roles for the app.


Lawrence shows the Jake and Gillan his latest creation: the Patrol Pod, which will be something to help solve problems. He first test with it starts out well, but it then flies out of the lab and into Corpus Christi, where it overdoes its duties and wreaks havoc around the town. Jake eventually stops it with using a water gun, much to his surprise it wasn't water resistant. The trio then finds the town in destruction. The player has to team up with the Boys to rebuild Corpus.


The app game offers a buildings, shops, homes, and others from the franchise that the users can buy with "Sherrie Coins". The Premium items can be bought with Musical notes (). The musical note references Jake and Gillan's obsession for music. The game also has quests for players to complete, which can either unlock new events or new levels and lets players get more Sherrie coins to purchase new buildings, objects or characters.


The updates that are events of either a holiday such as Halloween, Christmas, New Years, etc., or one of the main characters getting their own week on their voice actor/actresses' birthdays. After the 13th update ends, it and the other 12 repeat themselves.

Event Theme Dates
Creepy 'n' Scary Halloween Halloween October 7 - October 31
Thanks and Gives Thanksgiving November 1 - November 27
Jangle All the Way Christmas December 24 - December 25
Another Exciting (and Lousy) Year New Years December 31 - January 1
Sherrie Week Promotional event January 28 - February 4
Love Might Be in the Air Valentines' Day February 4 - February 14
Gillan Week Promotional event February 25 - March 2, 3
Jake Week Promotional event March 31 - April 6
Lawrence Week Promotional event May 30 - June 5
The Time to Love Your Dad Fathers' Day June 10 - June 20
Beat the Heat Summer June 21 - September 21
Sherrie MacLayne's Day Off Back to School September 22 - September 24
Flo Week Promotional event September 30 - October 6

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