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Guardians (Spanish: Guardianes) is an upcoming Mexican animated superhero film, produced by Little Witch Pictures and directed by Jaime Romandía. The film stars the Spanish voices of Luisito Comunica, Aleks Syntek, Carlos Rivera, Ninel Conde, Mónica Huarte, Eugenio Derbez and Omar Chaparro among others. The film is Mexico's first take on the popular 'superhero' genre, in style of that of Justice League and Avengers. It is the first animated feature release of the 2020s.

The film will be released in Mexico on March 13, 2020.


Years earlier, the former Guardians break into the Satan's to save Antonio and Laura, the leaders' team. Antonio's mother decides to give in to complete a ritual the Satan was conducting; as Antonio's mother starts screaming, their aunt and the rest of the team try to stop the Satan, collapsing the place in the process. Antonio's father and grandfather die during this event.

Antonio, who has the fire ability and turn his superpowers and Laura, who can turn into a nymph as how her superpowers, — now live with the team's gadgetman El Wero; El Wero introduces Antonio to the remaining Guardians team members: Capitán Hispanoamérica (based on Captain America); Wolf Woman, a female werewolf; and Blue Screw, a boy with a scar-shaped screw on their eye. Antonio, Esteban, and Ofelia go search Rodrigo; as he gets into a feud with his employer, El Wero informs the team that the Satan is at the San Manuel Museum Natural History.

The team head to the Luna Llena Market in hopes to find the sword, unbeknownst to them, Satan tracks them down and retrieves the authentic sword. Meanwhile at the Satan's hideout, Laura learns that the Satan wants to summon an entity known as Quetzalcoatl who can resurrect his girlfriend. The next day, Antonio and Rodrigo find the Satan's hideout after Antonio realizes he was given a flyer about a local fair earlier. After their sneak-in goes awry, Esteban and Ofelia arrive in a modified bus and save both of them but the bus gets stuck in the underground. Satan manages to summon Quetzalcoatl but he deceives Satan by not resurrecting his girlfriend as he had promised, the team escapes from the bus and Antonio tries to free Laura with the help of a redeemed Satan, who sacrifices himself in the process.

Quetzalcoatl gives sentinence to such as the Voodoo dolls, the Kraken, the Gashadokuro and the Jörmungandr, to cause havoc in the city. Esteban, Ofelia, and Rodrigo successfully stop them as Antonio and Laura join powers to defeat Quetzalcoatl, he is defeated and crushed by the building. The newly formed Guardians are recognized as saviors of the city.

Voice cast

Spanish cast

  • Luisito Comunica as Antonio Lagos / Kickman
  • Aleks Syntek as Rodrigo Luna / Blue Screw
  • Carlos Rivera as Esteban Mendoza / Capitán Hispanoamérica
  • Ninel Conde as Laura Iglesias / Daughter Nature
  • Mónica Huarte as Ofelia Lopez / Wolf Woman
  • Eugenio Derbez as Satan
  • Omar Chaparro as Quetzalcoatl
  • Joaquín Cosío as El Wero
  • Xóchitl Ugarte as Marlena Lagos / Kickgirl, Antonio's mother.
  • Octavio Rojas as Pablo Lagos (née Campos) / Metal Fist, Antonio's father.
  • Liliana Rascón as Merlina Lagos / Girl-Kicker, Antonio's aunt.
  • Jesse Conde as Diego Campos / Silver Fist, Antonio's grandfather.

English cast

Unidentified participation

  • Héctor Amavizca as Don Tremebundo


  • Zack Isaac Sanchez as Ruperto
  • Joel Isaac
  • Claudia Chong
  • Nickol Isaac Sanchez
  • Sofía Aldana Isaac
  • Gabriel Nava as Zenón
  • Ferdic Isaac as Señor Cartucho
  • Lidia Isaac as Úrsula
  • Carla Isaac as A woman with the goblin mask
  • Víctor Isaac
  • Alma Rosa Ortíz Ramírez as A woman with the ogre mask
  • Diego Isaac Ramírez as A man with the devil mask
  • Matías Isaac Ramírez
  • Pamela Vega
  • Raymundo Villa
  • Luis Villa Vega
  • Jorge Isaac Salazar
  • Max Isaac Salazar
  • Jorge Isaac Hernández Jr.
  • Luis Moisés Sandoval Arcos
  • Isabeau Mayté Pérez Ramos
  • Paloma
  • Dasha
  • Brayan
  • Manuel
  • José Marcos Chong


The score to the film was composed by Leoncio Lara Bon. He recorded his score with The soundtrack contains many songs in Spanish, mostly by the popular Mexican band Los Ángeles Azules, the Molotov, and Los Amantes de Lola. The film features "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore, "El Za Za Za (Mesa Qué Más Aplauda)" by Grupo Climax, "Me olvide de vivir" by Julio Iglesias, and Britney Spears songs "Oops! I Did It Again" and "Toxic".

Television series

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