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Grown Ups is a computer-animated series, produced by Sony Pictures Television and distributed by Netflix, based on 2010 Columbia Pictures film Grown Ups and its 2013 Sony Pictures Releasing sequel. The series will first be released on Netflix in 2025.



Lenny Feder

Eric Lamonsoff

Kurt McKenzie

Marcus Higgins

Rob Hilliard

Roxanne Feder

Greg Feder

Keith Feder

Becky Feder

Sally Lamonsoff

Donna Lamonsoff

Bean Lamonsoff

Deanne McKenzie

Andre McKenzie

Charlotte McKenzie

Ronnie McKenzie

Jasmine Hilliard

Amber Hilliard

Bridget Hilliard

Nick Hilliard

Braden Higgins

Gloria Noonan

Coach Buzzer


Mama Ronzoni

Mrs. Lamonsoff


Season 1

The episodes in Season 1 will take place during the time-gap from the five friends winning their high school basketball championship in 1978 to the time when the friends are grown-up and learn that Coach Buzzer died in 2008.

Episode No. Title Synopsis
3 Pregnancy Gas Sally Lamonsoff, pregnant with Bean, and one day before giving birth, can't stop burp snarting.

Season 2

The episodes in Season 2 will take place during the time-gap from the end of the first movie (2010) to the beginning of the second movie (2013).

Episode No. Title Synopsis
3 Birthday Gas While Sally and Donna plan a surprise party for Bean's seventh birthday, Eric teaches Bean how to "burp snart" (burp first, then sneeze, and last fart).
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