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Grizzly Tales foe Gruseome Simpsons is a Crossover Cartoon TV Series, was a Spin-off to The Simpsons, spoofed and based on Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids and Co-produced with ITV.


[edit] The series is a collection of morality tales which also has insinuations of a horror story; gruesome punishments happen throughout. The stories mainly focus on naughty or horrible "The Simpsons" Characters (for example those that are vain, untidy, lazy, or lying) learning a grim lesson and receiving their comeuppance for their unacceptable behaviors.


  • Homer Simpson (Turns into a Pile of Spaghetti) Don't eat too much Food.
  • Groundskeeper Willie (Beheaded by Tractor Transformer) Never be Angry and Kicking the Tractor.
  • Dr. Hibbert (Got crushed in a Crash with Truck driven by Hans Moleman) Always Never put Fake Advertisements.
  • Others TBA More