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Me, Grimlock no Bozo! ME KING!
~ Grimlock
Me, Grimlock want to munch Metal!
~ Grimlock

Grimlock is the name of several fictional robot characters in the Transformersrobot franchise. He is usually portrayed as the leader of the Dinobots, a subfaction of Autobots who can transform into mechanical dinosaurs. In 2007, USA Today polled people as to which Transformer they want to appear in the second installment in the Transformers film series; Grimlock came in tied for second with Devastator.

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  • Grimlock is a guest character in Marvel's Spider-Man: Webbed Champion, voiced by Travis Willingham. He appears in the crossover arc "Legendary Universes" alongside his fellow Dinobots. Officially appearing in "Legendary Universes, Part 4: Heroes in Disguise", he and the Autobots help Spider-Man's team defeat Megatron and his Decepticon faction and Predaking's Kree Armada and solve the origins of Arsenal's robot body. During the episode, he forms a very close friendship with Speed and Ant-Girl, as Spider-Man remarks that Grimlock is "fulfilling children's classic dream of seeing a dinosaur". Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots later appear in "Part 6: Ultimate Alliance", where they join the final battle against the Regent and his army from the Negative Zone.

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