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Gregory Scott Ayres (born December 7, 1968) is an American voice actor and singer who works for quality vocals for a number of English versions of Japanese anime series at Funimation/OkraTron 5000 and ADV Films/Sentai Filmworks/Seraphim Digital. He is also the singer for the 4th opening of Dragon Ball Z Kai. He is the younger brother of Christopher Ayres.

Greg has a natural childlike voice and he is typically cast as younger males or kids. But, for certain roles, he can also have a normal adult voice.


Known for voicing

  • Hideki in Nerima Daikon Brothers
  • Koyuki Tanaka in Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
  • Son Goku in Saiyuki
  • Clear in Dramatical Murder
  • Chrono in Chrono Crusade
  • Kaoru Hitachin in Ouran High School Host Club
  • Negi Springfield in Negima
  • Heihachi Hayashida in Samurai 7
  • Nagisa Hazuki in Free!
  • Monokuma in Danganronpa: The Animation and Danganronpa 3
  • Frost in Dragon Ball Super
  • Tomoki Sakurai in Heaven's Lost Property
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