Greeny Park: The First Movie (or simply Greeny Park) is the 2004 American hand-drawn/computer-animated musical comedy film based on ABC's hit TV show and the comic strip Greeny Park that is the spin-off of ABC's hit TV show and the comic strip Geo's World. It was directed by Geo G. and Lee Unkrich and produced and written by John Lasseter, Pete Docter and Joe Ranft. The film was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures with the partnership with Paramount Pictures and Geo Animation Studios. The film centers on the four boys Green Bob, Reo Marsh, Gree Guy, and Kenny McCormick and their friend Big Bird as they sneak into an R-rated film featuring Canadian actors Terrance and Phillip and begin cursing incessantly. Eventually, their mothers pressure the United States to wage war against Canada for allegedly corrupting their children.

The film parodies the animated films of the Disney Renaissance as well as musicals such as the West End's Les Misérables, and satirizes the controversy surrounding the show itself. The film features twelve original songs by Randy Newman, with additional lyrics by Thomas Newman.

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