Gray's Ghosts
Genre Action
Supernatural Horror
Created By Jen and Sylvia Soska
Based On Danny Phantom by Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel
Starring ???
Gary Oldman
Composer Ludwig Göransson
Executive Producers James Wan
Steve Marmel
Producers ???
Production Locations Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cinematography ???
Editors ???
Production Companies ???
Networks Netflix

Gray's Ghosts is a 2020 action horror comedy series created by based off the Nickelodeon cartoon series Danny Phantom, functioning as a reboot of the franchise.


In Amity Park, Michigan, Valerie Gray and Daniel Fen Yun, could not be more different people: Valerie's on the track to becoming the hottest teen in school, while Danny... isn't, being just another new kid about to have an average school life. However, all the changes one day after an experiment in the supernatural courtesy of Danny's father inadvertently sends Valerie's life and reputation down the drain, while both Danny and his friends gains superpowers from it. However, billionaire Vlad Masters, taking a strange interest in her, takes her under her wing and brings her


Main Characters

  • TBD as Valerie Gray, a Black teen who finds her life and social status ruined and humiliated after the creation of the ghost portal causes both a power outage and a ghost attack, and seeks revenge. She's tasked with leading the Blasters by Vlad to fight ghosts. While initially proud and vindictive, she soon starts to doubt so much.
  • TBD as Danny Phantom/Danny Fen Yun, an 14-year old asian teen with ghostly powers. While in their alter egos he and Valerie are enemies, in their regular human forms they're occasionally friends and eventually love interests.
  • Gary Oldman as Plasmius/Vlad Masters, a billionaire and cult leader who acts as Val's benefactor and mentor, using her as a pawn in his Machiavellian plans.
  • The Blasters, a team of young ghost hunters.
    • TBD as Jacob "D-Load" Reitman, the leader of the Blasters. He's a
    • TBD as Bobby "Thrash" Warren, one of Valerie's teammates.
    • TBD as Vivian "Vid" LeVar, the
  • TBD as Sam Manson, a Goth student and Danny's friend who gains shadow powers.
  • TBD as Tucker Foley, Danny's techbro friend who has ghostly technopathic powers, able to hack into anything and control just about a lot.
  • TBD as Danielle "Dani" Phantom - A clone of Danny created by Vlad.


  • TBD as Skulker, a hunter ghost that bills himself as the greatest hunter. He develops a very big rivalry with Valerie over who will claim Danny.
  • TBD as Technus
  • TBD as Pariah Dark
  • TBD as ???, a
  • TBD as Lord Daniel, an evil future form of Danny.

Supporting Characters

  • as John "Jack" Fen, Danny's father.
  • as Maddie Fen Yun, Danny's mother.
  • TBD as Dash Baxter, Casper High's jock
  • TBD as Paulina Sanchez
  • TBD as Damon Grey, Valerie's father. Caring, he
  • TBD as Sylvia Gray (nee Adedeji), Valerie's deceased mother. An anthropologist, she studied afterlives of various cultures. Danny meets her and consults with her.


Season One

# Episode Crew Running Time Production Code
1 Pilot - Director: 45 minutes 101
2 Director:


45 minutes
3 Director:


45 Minutes
4 Director:


5 Director:


6 Director:


7 Invasion: Amity Part 1 Director:


8 Invasion: Amity Part 2 Director:


Season Two

# Episode Crew Production Code
9 Director:
10 Director:
11 Director:


Filming primarily took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding cities. Additional photography took place in Toledo, Ohio, and Alberta.

Visual effects were provided by Rodeo FX and the Puppet Heap.

Themes and Influences

The overall theme for the series is balance between two things.


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