Gravity Falls: The Cipher Chronicles is a spin-off sequel to the original series. The show takes place six years after the events of Weirdmageddon as we see the main 10 reunite together as friends and family as they now get along with each other (almost) as they discover new supernaturals on their new adventures around Oregon.

Main Cast​

Jason Ritter as Dipper Pines 

Kristen Schaal as Mabel Pines 

Alex Hirsch as Stan Pines , Soos Ramirez , Fiddleford "Old Man" McGucket , and Bill Cipher 

Linda Cardellini as Wendy Corduroy 

T.J. Miller as Robbie Valentino 

Jackie Buscarino as Pacifica Northwest 

J.K. Simmons as Ford Pines 

Thurop Van Orman as Gideon Gleeful 

Tara Strong as Lucy Gleeful 

Vincent Tong as Timm Brewsford 

Supporting Cast

Alex Hirsch as The Gnomes and Gordon Sterling, Mayor of Portland

Jessica DiCicco as Tambry Wittson

Niki Yang as Candy Chiu 

Carl Faruolo as Grenda Mutchkins

Ashley Johnson as Tiffany Groundskeeper

Will Friedel as Orion Woods

Rodger Bumpass as Professor Ursan Major Woods

Matt Chapman as Abuelita Ramirez and Mermando

Jillian Bell as Melody Beautrice

Earl Boen as Dr. Phil Silvermen

Clancy Brown as General Leslie Banker

Nick Offerman and Brad Abrell as Agents Powers and Trigger 

Daran Norris as ATF Deputy Director Daniel Scopes

Kevin Michael Richardson and Keith Ferguson as Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland

Peter Serafinowicz as "Blind" Ivan Wexler

Dave Willis as Hugo Wexler

Sam Marin as Viktor and Vektor Wexler

Roger Craig Smith as Mack "Lazy 9" Trailler

Hynden Walch as Vicki Serafinowicz

Justin Roiland as Blendin Blandin 

Stephen Root as Bud Gleeful

Jennifer Coolidge as "Lazy" Susan Wentworth 

John DiMaggio as "Manly Dan" Corduroy

Will Forte as Tyler Cutebiker 

Nathan Fillion and Kari Wahlgren as Preston and Priscilla Northwest 

Michael Rianda as Thompson Sattle and Lee

Scott Menville as Nate and Thomas

David Kaye as Time Baby and AXOLOTL 

Ron Perlman as Dark Cryptogram 

Special Guest Stars

Alex Hirsch as Himself

Scott Glenn as Shermy Pines

Mark Hamill as The Shape Shifter

Malcom McDowell as Newfoundlander

Michael C. Hall as D.B Cooper

Kyle MacLachlan as Secret Agent Xander Viper

Sigourney Weaver as Announcer of Zoo, Aquarium, and every Museum in Portland

Nicki Minaj as .ZIFfany

Frances McDormand as Chief Frankie Dillards

Lorraine Bracco as Dr. Jessica Morps

Larry King as The Wax Statue and Himself

Seasons and Episodes

Season 1:10 Episodes

Season 2:22 Episodes

Season 3:22 Episodes

Season 4:22 Episodes

Season 5:22 Episodes

Season 6:26 Episodes: Part 1(A)13 Episodes, Part 2 (B)13 Episodes

Note: The first two seasons will take place in 2013; the third, fourth, and fifth season will take place in 2017, and the sixth and final season will take place in 2018.


Volume 1 (1940s-50s)

Volume 2 (1960s-70s)

Volume 3 (1980s-90s)

Volume 4 (2000s-10s)

Note: Some of the Shorts will consist to be an Anthology Format.

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