Grand Theft Auto VI is the 16th game of the highly anticipated series, GTA. The director of the game will be Rod Edge, while Dan Houser and Rupert Humphries will be writing the game, coming back from writing the script of Grand Theft Auto V. The game will be beginning to develop in 2014, having a 3 year in the making, which it will be released in 2017 in UK and other foreign locations, while US has 2018 in New Year's. Grand Theft Auto VI is said to tie in with Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto V. The universe is confirmed to be the same. Two of the main voice actors from Grand Theft Auto V will return and the actor who voiced Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV will have a small part in the game, but he is confirmed to not be playable. A rumor has it that it will be a flashback. Many new voice actors/actresses will participate in the running of this game. Unlike Grand Theft Auto V, the developers of this game want a new mood, so they put four playable characters in story mode.


After making the ultimate Deathwish, Michael De Santa (Ned Luke), Franklin Clinton (Shawn Fonteno), and Trevor Phillips (Steven Ogg) all go their separate ways. Even though Trevor is no longer present, he lays low in Blaine County near Los Santos, Franklin changes his last name to "Smith" because the Agency at the FIB learns he was a part of the Union Depository and the death of Steve Haines and Devin Weston. Michael, finally, moves to the East Coast in Windy City (counterpart of Chicago) with Amanda (Vicki Van Tassel) to live a quiet and rich life in a penthouse, while Tracey (Michal Sinnot) is in Liberty City University and Jimmy (Danny Tamberelli) stayed at Los Santos for a car-boost job. Michael moves there and wants a new life with his wife. However, he encounters Tod Guiche (Jason Bateman), a man in his early thirties, with a job at the Baller Club that has many connections to organized crimes with the corrupt Agency, during a shootout at the Baller Club. After this, James Bellic (Jeff Anderson), the younger brother of the deceased Niko Bellic (Michael Hollick) from Grand Theft Auto IV, meets Tod during an encounter with Michael. Franklin moves to Windy City to live there because of the less stressful and warm weather. Now that he has moved there, he meets Tod, James, and Michael, but the FIB Bureau desires revenge and does an ultimate heist from Franklin and Michael's accounts, taking away all their money, threatening Michael's life in debt with his wife. Both desire revenge, having Tod and James get ties into the Bureau as Niko killed Pegorino almost a decade ago and Tod has connections with the corrupt Agency at his former job in Baller Club. Now the four go on to raid many of the FIB's headquarters and perform grand heists to recover from their lost. The war between the Criminal Masterminds and the FIB Agency has begun and this band of ragtag groups of unique and different criminals team up for the consequences and the threatening mission of their lives...

Playable Characters

  • Tod Guiche-

Full Name: Tom Tod Guiche

Race: Caucasian, Asian (Cambodian) mix

Height: 5'11"


He is very not into his job at the Baller Club and greatly despises the corrupt FIB Agency tied into his job. With that in mind, he is at sometimes ignorant, but very full of pride and enthusiastic when it comes to crime.

Special Ability/Color: Red & Ability to slow down time and run faster than regular

Supporting Characters/Story Characters: Peter Elgar, Harold "Short" Welsh, Gay Tony, Roman Clinton, TJ Michaels, and Agent Jim Truestraw

Role in the Game:

One of four main playable characters in the game, but is the primary of the four (considering he is the one to make the final decision at the end of the game's storyline). Tod is first introduced when Michael passes by the Baller Club and witnesses Short Welsh and Gay Tony have an intense verbal and almost even physical fight with Agent Jim Truestraw, an FIB Bureau Agency agent corrupt that is searching Windy City to pull scores because of his co-client, Steve Haines' death is Los Santos. Tod works for Short for the first five missions of his introduction in the game, only getting paid $1,000 and mission, since the job does not pay well. Then, Tod sees a shootout by the gang known as the Tadashis, an organized Korean and Japanese gang, the Lucifers, low-life street thugs with connections to the Bureau and their weapon shipments, and the Aztecas, who is the worldly international cartel gang from both Los Santos and Windy City. The gangs go after Short, while Tod has to save him and James Bellic runs by this, helping out, as well as Michael. The three escape and go to introducing each other. Michael and James go about their business since the three gangs have gone off their businesses in the city, but Tod finds more into the case by information from Gay Tony, as Short is in the hospital. For the next seven missions, Tod and Gay Tony go discover the secrets of the shootout gangs the shot up the Baller Club. When Franklin encounters a Tadashi trying to legalize weed and offers a drug deal between the Tadashis and the Lucifers, Tod kills the Tadashis and that Asian gang goes after both Tod and Franklin, forming their friendship. After this, Tod, James, Franklin, and Michael all form a team to take on grand heists and Tod wants a better job, by working for Agent Jim Truestraw (without knowing he is corrupt and controlling the organized gangsters in Windy City). At the end, Tod has to make a decision as Truestraw and his other corrupt Agency agents say they will kill Tod's family in Las Venturas and Vice City if he does not take out either Franklin, Michael, Both, or go on the ultimate "heist" of killing everyone connected to the Bureau; Lucifers, Aztecas, Tadashis, Nabis, the Lost, the Ballers, the corrupt Agency and steals all their money, as being helped by Lester to shut down ALL of the information by the Bureau to ever track down the four.

  • Michael Townley/Michael De Santa-

Full Name: Michael Vernon Townley

Alias "Fake" Name: Michael De Santa

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'10"


Michael, like in the last game, is very sarcastic to get things to seem lest awkward, he is a lot more responsible and less mentally broken than he was in the last game, due to his stronger marriage with Amanda De Santa. When doing crimes, he likes to get the job done and takes it very seriously, taking anyone younger than him (all of the other three playable characters; Tod, James, and Franklin) under his wing and treating them like his own sons.

Special Ability/Color: Blue & can slow down time when shooting and trigger more accuracy to the shooting

Supporting Characters/Story Characters: Amanda De Santa, Patrick "Packie" McReary, Tom Fiddles, Agent Jim Truestraw, Agent Dave Norton, Joseph Warin, Lester Crest, Roman Clinton, and Chef Lenin

Role in the Game:

One of the four main playable characters in this game, but is the secondary main right after Tod Guiche. Michael is introduced when he is getting on the Los Santos Airport with his wife, Amanda, moving to Windy City in the East to relax and create a new life with his wife, buying a big luxurious penthouse with the Union Depository money from the last heist he made in Grand Theft Auto V. Now that he lives in a great life with a happy family man, laying low and deciding not to take scores for a while. He gets caught up in the corrupt FIB Bureau once again when he witnesses Short Welsh and Gay Tony from the Baller Club almost get into a fist fight with Agent Truestraw, a corrupt Agency agent with relations to Steve Haines and Dave Norton. Agent Truestraw, after the fight, follows Michael, as he recognizes him from Haines' files from the Bureau. Michael and Truestraw go, without him knowing Michael killed his client and robbed the biggest bank in America in the last game. Doing his own personal missions throughout the game, he sees a shootout happen between the Lucifers, Tadashis, and the Aztecas, who are looking for Short Welsh, but Tod (James Bellic meets the two characters then) helps, so does Michael. This part; Michael meets Tod, thinking he seems like a loyal, but still young and learning, man. He treats Tod as his younger brother and Michael sees James, realizing his accent, and also finding out from the conversation he is related to Liberty City's Most Wanted criminal; Niko Bellic. From on then, Michael sees Franklin also move to Windy City, and they meet, but lay low with each other, and cannot be seen with each other unless the four of them are all together so the Bureau will not be witnessing the criminals there. However, things get awry when the FIB Bureau robs Michael and Franklin's ATM banks, taking their scores from the Union Depository (Michael now has only $400,00 and Franklin has $350,000) and Tod and James get involved in their own ways. That event was the final straw; Michael now decides to take revenge on the corrupt and "clowned" FIB Bureau by going on grand heists to recover and rob the FIB headquarters on the journey and going on the run for his life with his new crew. Near the end, Michael and the rest of the four rob the big FIB and IAA headquarters in Windy City, which is more major than the Bureau Raid they made in Grand Theft Auto V. After this, Lester shuts down all the police and FIB file tracking to never be able to find the four of them or else Michael would be arrested for life in prison. However, if Tod chooses to kill Michael (because the FIB agents realize if Tod kills Michael or Franklin, who are more involved in the FIB, especially from the Los Santos scores, things would get better for Tod), Michael dies when Tod and Michael chase in their helicopters throughout the beautiful skyscrapers of Windy City. Michael has a minor crash into the Towers of Windy City and shows how Michael took Tod under his wing, but Tod wants to do this to save his life, realizing that Tod is selfish and does anything to survive, which Michael believed strongly in. But if Tod decides to shoot Michael, he falls down the building. If he doesn't, Michael shoots himself. If Tod chooses the ultimate heist of killing everyone involved with the Bureau, Michael kills the last of Agent Truestraw (the main antagonist of the game), pushing him down the river handcuffed and tied up his legs to make him suffocate and eventually die.

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