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"Reader beware - you're in for MORE scares!"

- Series tagline

Goosebumps Gold is a children's anthology horror novella series concept by Red-Verse-Writer, based on the cancelled series of the same name that was intended to be a new series in the Goosebumps franchise by R.L. Stine. The books all follow a loose story arc similar to Goosebumps Horrorland, and the stories are often sequels to stories from the original series or its spin-offs. It is notable amongst Goosebumps series due to being written by a different author, and most notably for featuring much more graphic violence and serious situations compared to previous series.


Arc 1

  1. The Haunted Mask Lives!: "If looks could kill..." Teenage hoodlums Jenny Rower and Terry Shannon get their comeuppance when they steal a pair of animal masks from the costume shop seen in the past books to scare the local kids and become desperate when the masks fuse to their faces and begin altering their bodies. Meanwhile, the original haunted mask reveals itself to still be alive, taking control of Jenny and Terry and using them in a plot to get revenge on its former host, Carly-Beth Caldwell.
  2. The Gargoyle Guardian: "Stone cold killer." Nigel Borroughs is a urban explorer, investigating mysterious and abandoned properties to see if it's worth renovating or if anything useful is inside. Unfortunately, he often tends to drag along his son Norm with him on these trips. One particular investigation results in them getting trapped in a spooky old manor, and to make things worse, it turns out the manor is protected by a living gargoyle who kills anyone who enters the building, forcing Nigel and Norm to try to find a way to escape from the manor before the gargoyle kills them.
  3. Claws of Death Unconfirmed: "She's not kitten around." When zoophobic Jade Munroe's parents bring home a mysterious black cat they name Lil, her life seems to be on a downward spiral. Lil steals all the attention from her parents, frames Jade for bad things she does, and always breaks into Jade's room to harass her, in a way that can't just be a coincidence. Jade vows to get back at Lil, but when she speaks to the owner of a local pet shop, she learns that a cat that matches Lil's description has been connected to a series of deaths, and begins to believe that Lil may be the one responsible.
  4. Trap Master: "No Parents. No Rules. No Holding Back." In this brutal Home Alone-inspired story, neglected engineering prodigy Dell Chalkin is left home alone by his parents as they fly to England to watch his sister, a famous stage actress, perform live. After Dell fixes his neighbour's lawnmower, she gives him a remote control she found on the street, which unbeknownst to them contains a highly advanced chip created by a mysterious agency that wants it back at any cost. When agents of the organisation attempt to break into his home, Dell retaliates by putting his talents to use, creating violent booby traps to fight back against them.
  5. Go West, Young Snowman!: "He's bold, he's old, and he's really, really cold!" One year has passed since Jordan and Nicole's encounter with the Abominable Snowman, and they are staying with their aunt in Alaska while their father is on a work trip to the Himalayas. However, when their father returns from his trip, they find that there is a stowaway on the plane - another Abominable Snowman. Unlike the previous one encountered by the twins, this Snowman is a murderous beast intent on wrecking as much havoc as possible. With the creature causing a trail of destruction and mayhem all around the town, Jordan and Nicole resort to finding the Abominable Snowman they befriended last winter for help.
  6. Bad Movie Night: "We're talking REEL bad." Eighteen year-old Eddie Palmann hosts his own internet review show, Bad Movie Night, where he reviews bad movies he finds online or at the local thrift store and flea markets. One day, he comes across a seemingly normal copy of a horror film titled Day of the Walking Deceased, and decides to review it, despite the objections of his easily frightened twelve year-old sister Sarah. However, when lightning strikes their home, the murderous creatures in the film escape into the real world, and Eddie and Sarah learn about the history of the disc as they try to catch the creatures before they can kill anyone.
  7. I Caught an Alien!: "They're little green men. REALLY little." In this E.T.-inspired tale, after a mysterious meteor shower, young alien enthusiast Diane Keene and her friend George trace a crash-landed UFO and capture the pilot, a six-inch tall little green man. When Diane's fame-obsessed mother plots to turn the alien, a simple paramedic desperate to return home, in to the government, Diane and George are soon on the run from evil men in black, taking their diminutive friend cross-country as they try to find the parts to fix his ship.
  8. Return of the Dinosaurs: "They're back from extinction - and they want the planet back!"
  9. Dracula Jr.: "Don't mess with him, or he'll tell his dad!"
  10. The Masked Mutant Rides Again!: "Stop the presses! He's BACK!"
  11. Happy Holidays from Dead House!: "Deck the halls with howls of horror..."
  12. Twilight of the Living Dummy: "This one makes Slappy look pleasant..."
  13. The Thing with My Face: "And it won't give it back..."
  14. Trail to Bonechill Hill: "It'll make your skin crawl...away!"
  15. The Incredible Shrinking Kid: "He's a VERY little rascal..."
  16. The Mystery of the Martian Eggs: "Those eggs aren't edible!"
  17. Blackout at the Supernatural Supermarket: "What lies in store?"
  18. Chase into Space: "It's DEFINITELY rocket science."
  19. Battle Against the Body Squeezers, Part 1: "They aim to squeeze..."
  20. Battle Against the Body Squeezers, Part 2: "Every SQUISH is their command!"

Arc 2

  1. Dead Giveaway: "You're in grave danger..."
  2. Halloween with the Headless Ghost: "You'll be up to your neck in terror!"
  3. The Man on the Motorcycle: "It's all two wheel."
  4. Don't Wake Up!: "Lights out. Forever."
  5. Ghost Beach II: "There's plenty more ghosts in the sea."
  6. Welcome Back to Horrorland: "They're back to scare one."
  7. Escape from Shock Street: "We need to break out before SHE does..."
  8. The Chilling Apparition of Apparatia Chapel: "Prepare for a FROSTY reception!"
  9. Sorry, Wrong Number!: "Don't talk to strangers, especially over the phone..."
  10. Robert and Tim's Terrifying Adventure: "This story just writes itself..."
  11. Say Cheese and Die - Reunion!: "Don't walk down memory lane...RUN."
  12. Trapped in the Artic: "The emperor has SNOW clothes!"
  13. Monster Blood V: "The plot thickens..."
  14. Invaders from Planet Earth: "Some aliens are friendly...but some humans AREN'T."
  15. Attack of the Killer Komodo:
  16. The Day of Cthulhu: "The day has come. The stars are right. The great old one has risen."
  17. The Riddle of Terror Tower: "This time, they need to find a way IN..."
  18. Fighting Fire with Fire: "Don't play with fire unless you want to get burnt..."
  19. Hoodoo Voodoo: "It's just a bunch of hocus pocus!"
  20. Search for the Lost Legend:
  21. Madness of the Masked Monks:
  22. The Battle of R'lyeh: "Can the master of madness be driven mad?"

Arc 3

  1. The Mystery of Mitcham Manor: "One way in. One way out."
  2. School for Dummies: "To defeat a dummy, you need to THINK like one..."
  3. Get Back Here with My Body!: "Talk about a Freaky Friday!"
  4. Along Came a Spider...: "...A VERY big spider."
  5. Speak of the Devil: "The devil you know..."
  6. Attack of the Flying Boy: "He's circling in for the kill."
  7. Creeps on the Run: "Terror has a human face."
  8. Snake Bait:
  9. The Blob That Came for Seconds: "Unstoppable. Insatiable."
  10. Ride or Die: "Are we scared yet?"
  11. The DJ from the Dead: "Silence is bliss..."
  12. Wrong Way Home: "You might want to check your map."
  13. See You Tomorrow!: "We've got lots of plans for you..."
  14. The Amazing Colossal Kid:
  15. Return of the Dinosaurs, Part 2: "Some species are better left extinct."
  16. The Snowman's Vengeance: "There's no soul behind those eyes of coal."
  17. TBA
  18. Never Go to the Attic!:
  19. TBA
  20. TBA
  21. TBA
  22. TBA
  23. TBA
  24. The Deadly Dummy Battle: "He's not going down without a FRIGHT."

Super Scary Specials

The Super Scary Specials are a set of thirteen double-length books that contain three stories. One story is a parody of a famous movie, such as Alien and Friday the 13th, another parodies horror and action video games such as Bioshock and Parasite Eve, and the third is a reprint of one of the books from the original Goosebumps series, with the exception of the final instalment, which contains an original story starring former Goosebumps mascot Curly the Skeleton.

  • Super Scary Special #1: Contains the stories The 8th Passenger and Escape from the Underwater City, which parody Alien and Bioshock respectively, and a reprint of the twenty-fifth book in the original series, Attack of the Mutant.
    • The 8th Passenger: "It was only meant to be a short trip..."
    • Escape from the Underwater City: "There's been a change in your flight plan!"
  • Super Scary Special #2: Contains the stories Alone With the Faceless Man and Come to Mommy!, which parody Slender: The Eight Pages and Inside respectively, and a reprint of the forty-sixth book in the original series, How to Kill a Monster.
    • Alone With the Faceless Man: "If you go down to the woods today, you'll never come out again!"
    • Come to Mommy!: "Emergency Die-section."
  • Super Scary Special #3: Contains the stories Plight of the Living Dead and Suburb of the Undead, which parody Night of the Living Dead and Zombies Ate My Neighbours respectively, and a reprint of the fourteenth book in the original series, The Werewolf of Fever Swamp.
    • Plight of the Living Dead: "They came to get Barbara ... and now Barbara is coming to get YOU!"
    • Suburb of the Undead: "There goes the neighbourhood."
  • Super Scary Special #4: Contains the stories The Terrible Treasure Hunt and Behind the Eyes of Evil, which parody Tomb Raider and Get Out respectively, and a reprint of the ninth book in the original series, The Girl Who Cried Monster.
    • The Terrible Treasure Hunt: "X marks the spot..."
    • Behind the Eyes of Evil: "Just because you're invited doesn't mean you're welcome."
  • Super Scary Special #5: Contains the stories Nighty Nightmare and My Baby Sister's A Monster!, which parody Among The Sleep and It's Alive respectively, and a reprint of the thirty-seventh book in the original series, The Headless Ghost.
    • Nighty Nightmare: "Deadly dreams..."
    • My Baby Sister's A Monster!: "And she's NOT the one I'm worried about..."
  • Super Scary Special #6: Contains the stories , which parody Candyman and
  • Super Scary Special #7:
  • Super Scary Special #8:
  • Super Scary Special #9:
  • Super Scary Special #10:
  • Super Scary Special #11:
  • Super Scary Special #12:
  • Super Scary Special #13: