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Goosebumps 3: Book Madness is the 30th upcoming American horror comedy film directed by Ari Sandel and written by Darren Lemke. It is a sequel to 2015's Goosebumps and 2018's Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, which in turn were both based on the book series of the same name by R.L. Stine. The film stars Jack Black, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Madison Iseman, Caleel Harris, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Sterling K. Brown, Johnny Depp, and Wil Ferrell. The film is scheduled to be released on October 15, 2022 by Sony Pictures Releasing.


Two months after the defeat of the monsters in Wardenclyffe, New York, R.L. Stine (Jack Black), now trapped in a book written by Slappy the Dummy, is struggling to survive among various monsters and traps that surround his environment. In order to get out of the book and back to Delaware, he wil get help from his good friends (old and new), as well as his daughter Hannah, to escape.


  • Jack Black as R.L. Stine
  • Jeremy Ray Taylor as Sonny
  • Madison Iseman as Sarah
  • Caleel Harris as Sam
  • Dylan Minnette as Zach
  • Odeya Rush as Hannah Fairchild
  • Sterling K. Brown
  • Johnny Depp as Curly the Skeleton
  • Will Ferrell as Horrorifico