Goodbye, Doraemon is a song from the 1999 60-minute film Doraemon: 60 Minutes into the Future. This song was performed by Scottish actor and voice actor Michael E. Rodgers. The song was sung in Nobita/Nobu's point of view, even though Michael didn't voice Nobu in the film.


Doraemon tells Nobu that he's going back to the future and would never return back to the present. Nobu gets into a very sad breakdown and begs Doraemon not to leave. At night, when Doraemon was about to leave Nobu while he was sleeping, Nobu sings a sweet swansong to Doraemon inside his mind while sleeping.


Michael E. Rodgers broke down into tears and cried while recording the vocals for this song.

Even though he performed the song in Nobu's point of view, Michael E. Rodgers didn't voice Nobu in the film, instead being replaced by Freddy Douglas.

The song's composer later on composed the music to the films Doraemon: The Secret Gadget Museum and Stand by Me, Doraemon.

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