Good Ol' Magic is an American fantasy-supernatural-comedy magical girl video game, being the first installment in the Good Ol' Magic game series. It is developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, being released for PC, Mac, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS on October 5th, 2006.


Witch-in-training Charlotte Parsons goes on a journey to face a villainous threat as she deals with the threat to the world.






  • Dark Ones - Darklia's personal soldiers.
    • Berserker Dark Ones - more muscular variants of Dark Ones.
    • Archer Dark Ones - variants of TBD who arch.
    • Amazonian Dark Ones - TBD
    • Fire Dark Ones - TBD
    • Magic Dark Ones - TBD
  • Students - students at Magic Academy. Similar to Dark Ones, they appear in almost every world. With every other world, they are brainwashed by Darklia.
    • Jock Students - TBD
    • Cheerleading Students - TBD
    • Scientist Students - TBD
  • Outlaws - mercenaries led by Tom and Tina and can be found in Wild West.
    • Machine Gun Outlaw - TBD
  • Trolls - trolls that can be found in Midnight Caves.
    • Warhammer Troll - TBD
  • Scarred Ones - creatures known as Scarred Ones who can be seen in Dark Woods.
    • Armored Scarred Ones - TBD
  • Candy Men - soldiers made out of candy who can be seen in The Great Candy Castle.
    • Lollipop Soldiers - TBD


  • Magic Academy
    • Tutorial
    • Hallways
    • Gym
    • Mr. Lock's Room
    • Mr. Lock (boss)
  • The Great Candy Castle
    • Outer Court
    • The Drawbridge
    • Reception Area
    • Candy Halls
    • Candy Puff (boss)
  • Dark Woods
    • The Entrance
    • The River
    • The Trees
    • The Cave
    • The Great Scar (boss)
  • Midnight Caves
    • The First Cave
    • The Second Cave
    • The Third Cave
    • The Last Cave
    • The Troll Queen (boss)
  • Wild West
    • Run-Down Town
    • Saloon
    • Sheriff's Office
    • The Hut
    • Tom and Tina (boss)
  • Flaming Deserts
    • The Scorching Walk
    • Dried-Up Water Spout
    • Cactus Plains
    • The Oasis
    • Griffinface (boss)
  • Darklia's Lair
    • Doorways of Despair
    • Halls of the Past
    • Pool of Reflection
    • Dark Throne
    • Darklia (final boss)


Starter spells

  • Fire Ball - Charlotte is able to blast a small ball of fire.
  • Ice Blades - Charlotte is able to create one sword made of ice.
  • Earthquake - Charlotte is able to cause earthquakes.
  • Wind Shield - Charlotte is able to create a shield made of wind.
  • Vine Grab - Charlotte is able to grab objects with vines.
  • Shapeshifting - Charlotte is able to shapeshift into a mouse. This is one of the only spells that serves mainly for puzzle purposes.

Learnable spells

  • Electro Blast - Charlotte is able to blast electricity.
  • Stone Gauntlets - Charlotte is able to create two gauntlets out of stone.
  • Potion Spit - Charlotte is able to spit potions at enemies.
  • Poison Gas - Charlotte is able to summon gases that can poison enemies.
  • Speed - Charlotte is able to run as fast as she can.
  • Heal - Charlotte is able to heal herself after being hurt.
  • Spiritual Form - Charlotte is able to turn into a powerful being during the final world where every enemy is more powerful.



  • Mr. Lock was originally to be voiced by Mako Iwamatsu, but due to his death on July 21st, 2006, he was unable to finish the recording of his lines for the character. Instead, Greg Baldwin (who would later assume most of Mako's roles in animation, including the ones of Uncle Iroh from the Avatar franchise, Aku from Samurai Jack and Hank from Kaylia: Space Avenger) would assume the voice for the character.
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