Going 2 Hollywood! A Dinosaur’s Dream is an American animated hand drawing film, and a sequel for “We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story,” That will experience Hollywood which it’s located in Los Angeles CA, of a funniest, and the Dream, this takes place in Hollywood like you’ve never seen anything like this place before. Like making movies from Hollywood, to see the zoo animals at Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens. This is definitely better than this, and it was better. It’s distributed and exclusively by Universal Pictures, and Amblin Entertainment. Featuring the voice talents, John Goodman, Jay Leno, Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Pat Carroll, James Belushi, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Sam Elliott, Jim Cummings, and Kelsey Grammer


This is a story of Rex, who has a Dream of going to Hollywood which it was located in Los Angeles county, so has to get ready to go to Hollywood, with some old friends like Woog, Dweeb, Elsa, Louie, Cecilia, and Dr. Juliet Bleed, and new friends like, Francisco Zeppoli, Sultan, Gus, Percy, and Arnold, as they got on the bus, and head on out to California’s LA Tar Pits Studios Hollywood, where they meet Dr. Romeo Campbells! Now making movies are very, very, very important, when they have to become actors of the great star. Louie & Cecilia Meet Lena & Patricia who were friends in Hollywood. At Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens, they have to watch out for Lady Zookeeper Verruca Blew-eyes, The ruthlessly and greedy women, and a cousin of Captain New-eyes, and deceased Professor Screw-eyes, but they will stop at once, by calling and gathering all of the zoo animals, whole sorts of them, (including bears, lions, gorillas, wolves, peccaries, seals, vultures, zebras, camels, giraffes, ostriches, and hippos). These zoo animals will challenge her to a battle. She got fired by John R. Lewis, because she will never doing anymore jobs ever again. Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, the dinosaurs are becoming actors on just the way they are, and now they’ve became great stars of this movie that they have actually made.



  1. Main Title
  2. All around the world - John Goodman, and the Chorus
  3. Hollywood - Jason Marsden, Eden Riegel, John Goodman, Kelsey Grammer, and the Chorus
  4. Hollywood Swinging - Kool and the Gang
  5. California’s La Tar Pits Studios
  6. Making Movies
  7. Becoming Actors
  8. This is Los Angeles County California
  9. Meet Lena and Patricia
  10. Hollywood Bowl
  11. Medieval Times/Sports
  12. Becoming Stars would be very importantly
  13. Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens
  14. Jungle Fortune - Pat Carroll
  15. Meet John R. Lewis the supervisor
  16. Welcome To The Zoo - James Belushi, Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Chevy Chase
  17. Lady Zookeeper Verruca Blew-eyes’ plans/Zoo animals to the rescue
  18. Lady Zookeeper Verruca Blew-eyes got fired
  19. The Dinosaurs are Becoming Stars
  20. Take us to the Zoo
  21. All around the world - Little Richard
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