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Godzilla and Transformers: Powers Apart Them is an upcoming Japanese/American Animated/Live Action Cinematic Crossover Movie.

the Story takes place 20 years after Godzilla VS Destoroyah and 6 years after Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

where the Adult Godzilla JR, Gamera, Mothra and the Autobots teamed up 

to Fight King Ghidorah, Gigan, the Decepticons and the Genikas.

As the Earth Monsters and Autobots are having help from Miku and Nestie and the Vocaloids,

These Robotic and Monstrous Heroes will take the battle to the Decepticons and Genikas.

The Film is Directed by Tim Haines and Tetsruo Araki 

and Produced by Tim Haines, Michael Bay Jasper James 

Gareth Edwards and Tim Haines are serving as Executive Producers.

The Film's Music is conposed by Christopher Tin and Craig Armstrong, 

and the Songs are by Daft Punk, Owl City and Characters from Vocaloids like Hatsune Miku. 

The Film is Produced by Toho, Hasbro, DreamWorks Pictures, Marvel Studios, Crypton Future Media and VALVe,

and Distributed by Toho and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.


The year is 2015,  20 years after the Event of Godzilla VS Destoroyah  and 6 years after the Event of Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen,  Miku and Nestie the Vocaloid Couple are both singing with the Vocaloids at a Concert in VocaloTown which is located in Japan.  As the Autobots are sent out by the NEST/ULTRA-Empire to search for Godzilla on the island,  they finally meet the Adult Godzilla JR again, who this time he is with Gamera, Mothra, Rodan and the Cosmos. (the Twin Fairies that Mothra guards) As Godzilla fights off the Decepticons and Hedorah, Optimus remembered Godzilla and Gamera, 10 years before they met Sam. 

Meanwhile in the Nemesis Ship the Decepticons and their leader Megatron make an agreement with King Ghidorah, Gigan and the Genikas in teaming up to Taking over the World, as Shockwave showed them the Titans (that Hercules once threw into space long ago)  Back in the NEST/ULTRA-Empire HQ in San Francisco USA  as the Soldiers in the NEST/ULTRA-Empire helped the Autobots welcome Godzilla JR, the Twin Fairies and the other Monsters to their army known as the NEST/ULTRA-Empire the protectors of Earth. Miku and Nestie the Vocaloid Couple and the Kagamine Twins have came into the Base as they are interested to see the Earth Monsters and Autobots.

The Vocaloids introduce themselves to the Twin Fairies, the Earth Monsters and Autobots. Optimus told them the story about how they came to Earth, how Godzilla is the King  and Why the Earth Monsters and Autobots are here to protect the earth.

After he finished telling them, the Cosmos realized that the Prophecy about  Miku and Nestie as the Chosen Ones while being Heroes with the Heroic Earth Monsters and Autobots are coming true.  so Miku and Nestie and the Earth Monsters and Autobots are teaming up as a Greater Chosen Ones, due to the Hieroglyphics, Theories, Writings and Prophecies about it being all over the World.  from Past, to Present and Future. 

Later, Miku and Nestie shows them VocaloTown in Japan. Showed them the Vocaloid Concert Stadium, City and their Home. and then Godzilla JR shows them the Island known as Gianto-Monstro Island which is filled with Earth Monsters and Dinosaurs.  Optimus and Godzilla trained the Vocaloid Couple to fight Evil, and Miku and Nestie geared up in their New Heroic Outfits and got their Lightsabers as Swords.  Meanwhile the Decepticons have arrived in Tokyo. The Earth Monsters and Autobots hear this news and go to Tokyo where they began to fight the Decepticons,  and the Batttle between the Earth Monsters/Autobots and Decepticons/Genikas Begins.

as the battle takes place in Tokyo, the Titans, the Genika Machines  and Star Fighters, and Genika War Machines join the battle as military Jets fight them and the battle goes on. Suddenly the Vocaloid Couple used their power  to Blast the beat back the Genikas, and the Good guys win this battle.  As he bad guys retreat to fight another day The Heros have fulfilled the Prophecy. Meanwhile, Megatron, Soundwave and Gigan were summoned by Lord Tehntra  to Glantai which is the Planet of the Genikas, where they meet Lord Klamotron. (the Creator and King of the Genikas) 

Later in the Evening,  Miku and Nestie are at the VocaloToen Beach with their Friends as they both watch the Earth Monsters and Autobots head back to HQ.

In the Post-Credit Scene Miku and Nestie are both in the Japanese HQ of the NEST/ULTRA-Empire,  are ready to fight the Genikas. but they both wondered that they'll be a SuperGodzilla.