Godzilla Vs Superman Is An American/Japanese Science Fiction Super Hero Kaiju Film. Slated For Release In 2026.


Godzilla And Superman! The Darn Dirty Crossover You Have Been Waiting For As Godzilla Or Superman Fans, Taking Place After Godzilla: Tokyo SOS, The Man Of Steel Is A Famous Super Hero Who Have Saved The Lives Of People For Years Now, And Even Preventing A Alien Invasion From Happening, But, His Origins Are Unknown To Earthlings, So, He Admits That He Came From The Planet, Krypton, But Everybody Celebrated, Calling Him A "Hero From Space" But Superman Likes That Name, But Then, Something Is Coming, Something Big! The King Of The Monsters, Godzilla! Superman Must Save His Adaptive Home Before Godzilla Destroys It, There, They Go On A Final Battle In Tokyo, Who Will Win? (Likely Godzilla)


Godzilla Vs Superman Received Very Positive Reviews From Critics. The Film Currently Holds 97% On Rotten Tomatoes. The Film Earned A Oscar For Best Film Of The Year. The Film Is A Set Up For A Sequel, "Godzilla: Fall Of Man".
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