Godzilla Vs NOT Gigan is a 2029 Movie Based on Godzilla,Marvel And DC Comics.It is a Toho produced movie.The plot reads in the year 2054 people see superheroes as threats while the news sees them as Protective Gods but a new species has awakened by The Avengers and they awake Godzilla but lucky for them Thanos sends in NOT Gigan and Darkseid to help him destroy earth.Who out of Avengers,The Justice League or Godzilla will stop them first?Find Out June 1, 2029.

Monsters:Godzilla,Kamacuras,Not Gigan

Human:Iron Man,Captain America,Thor,Hulk,Black Widow,Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman,Flash,Aquaman,Green Lantern,Martian Manhunter

Big Bad Guys:Thanos And Darkseid


Release Dates:June 1, 2029(Japan

June 22, 2029(USA

June 7, 2030(Russia

Runtime:177 Minutes

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